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  1. rasensora


    hey im sorry if this is the wrong place for this but, does anyone know where i can buy a real looking keyblade? im dying to get one.
  2. rasensora

    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    thanx guys. when is it coming out in english? im sick of waiting and i have no way of getting the jap version and if i do get the jap version i wont kno wat im doing so it will be a waste of time and money
  3. rasensora

    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    y was aqua crying wen ansem the wise told her sora's name? and how did terra find ven and how do they know sora's name?
  4. rasensora

    sora's keyblade

    hey in the BBS comercial that starts with ven falling from the breaking deep dive, if u look close enuf u can see sora's keyblade glowing and i think riku's way to dawn, im confused why are those keyblades there wit ven? KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep
  5. rasensora

    {bbs} trailer

    where can i watch the new bbs trailer? i really wanna see it
  6. rasensora

    dead fantasy

    has anyone heard pof dead fantasy? in case you havent its the girls from final fantasy vs the girls from dead or alive. its pretty hot but i think they should have one with the guys in it. does anyone agree with me? if you havent seen it yet just go on gametrailers.com and type in dead fantasy...
  7. rasensora

    sora's losing it

    in KH2. sora becomes a better fighter and stronger and etc, but to me it seems like hes acting childish. in KH1 he wasnt this chilish, does anyone else see this? heres an example: sora to riku while he still looked like ansem : "ansem, i mean xehanort's heartless, i never thought that i would...
  8. rasensora

    Who did you have the most fun fighting?

    i loved fighting chernabog from KH 1, hades, the dragon, MCP, 1000 heartless fight, and xemnas wen your by your self.
  9. rasensora

    hearts reincarnating?

    i think that when a person dies or loses their heart and their heart goes to kingdom hearts (if it does work that way) the heart reincarnates itself into a new person. i think this happened with sora/terra and roxas/ven. i belive that terra lost his heart or a part of it and it went to kingdom...
  10. rasensora

    sora's new look

    has anyone noticed that sora got skinnier and his hair color and style changed? why do you think this happened?
  11. rasensora

    im confused, please help!

    thanx guys, you helped alot
  12. rasensora

    im confused, please help!

    i keep hearing that when you beat KH2FM on proud mode you can play as terra, is that true?
  13. rasensora

    future sora

    what do you think will happen to sora in KH3 (if it comes out), will his clothes stay the same since there magic? will he get new powers,like a drive form with riku or king mickey? what are your thoughts.
  14. rasensora

    soras forms

    do you think that sora will look cool if his eyes glowed the same color as his clothes? its just a thought.
  15. rasensora

    Happy Birthday Kingdom Hearts II - North American Verison

    happy birthday kingdom hearts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  16. rasensora

    Quick Question

    you can play as terra in KH2FM?! i think hes missing that lil guy that hangs wit seifer, vivi, try talking to every one in twilight town agian untill he shows up. i think hes in the woods. hope this helps.
  17. rasensora

    is it possible to have two ultima weapons?

    in one of my KH2 files i have 2 ultima weapons, unfourtunatley i used a cheatcode for the items to make it, now every time i use the drives i dual weild ultima weapons.
  18. rasensora

    kingdom hearts on wii and xbox

    should they make kingdom hearts for wii and xbox 360? that would be hot as hell to play online with each other (ill beat you all lol) and to play like you actually have the keyblade and etc?
  19. rasensora

    sora and the gangs parents

    what do you think sora and the gang's parents said/acted when they got home? what about sora and riku's school work? what about there normal daily live? and ther powers?
  20. rasensora

    has anyone played 358/2 days

    lucky people, how did they get the time and money? anyway we should all go next year for bbs, who's with me? PM me if you wanna be friends