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    Mickey vs Sephiroth

    Come on guys you dont have to be THAT harsh on him... its only his 1st post. But please dude try to look into the forums a little better before you post!:thumbsup:
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    Captain Hook

    Like what level? 25 26 27????????
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    Captain Hook

    I thought 21 was was supposed to be good..
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    Captain Hook

    Title says it. Im stuck on C. Hook and im level 21 i have LOTS of good keyblades 2 premium and one 9 keyblade, and i have 3 cures and ect ect....... but his hits are SO STRONG. Some Help would be nice. Thx!
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    Ok well i know NOTHING about the FF series , thts why i came here. Ok well i know i dont like most of the FF games but this one for the ds does look intersting.(Mainly because its for DS). So id like to know if someone could tell me a little about the storyline... thx.
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    lol new formation arts

    WHAT THE HECKKK is sora doing with the Heros Crest keyblade? And what is he doing with the sleeping lion? It should be the Oathkeeper and Oblivion or atleast Oblvion and Sleeping lion LOL. but nice find!
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    Unoffical "Battle Thread"

    Ok well i know that you ALL loved the Org. Battle and some of the posters and buds of mine made there own so i KNOW it was a hit. Now me and SoraisRiku (and Final Arcana if hed pm me back lol) Are going to make the "Unofficial Battle Thread." Heres how it breaks down. EACH WEEK. There will be a...
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    Organization Battle

    Ok heres whats going to happen. Im going to make a bracket of the Org. members and each day im making a new poll untill one Org. member is left. This can settle ALL of the those " FAVE ORG. MEMBER" threads which are annoying. Ok heres the bracket: Day/Poll 1: Axel vs. Xemnas Day/Poll 2: Roxas...
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    Sephiroth help

    I kinda thought that but i also thought id get more help in this section.
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    Sephiroth help

    Ok , I beat KH2 last night and im interested in geting the fenrir keyblade. Could anyone tell me some good advice on how to beat Sephy and what level should i be on? Thx in advance.
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    Well i need some help. Not that im having LOTS of trouble or anything its just that when i get him down to his last two bars , he takes you to that little square room and he shoots lasers you CANT avoid. Thats whats killing me. And he gets IMPOSSIBLE to attack when you get to the starting off...
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    Ok , i cant take it any longer. Im getting REALLY ticked off with Xaldin , i though DEMYX was hard pfttttttt i was STUPID for thing that at least you could ATTACK him . Ok i would REALLY appreciate some help here. I die WAY to easily because i use cure then he hits me again then i have to wait...
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    Ive noticed(sigs)

    That some of you have sigs that say which KH character you are. I would like to know if someone could give me a link to this site. Id love to see who i am. Thx.
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    Ulitma Weapon?

    Ok, well im at Demyx and hes owning me right now. I know that the Ultima would help alot in this battle. Could i get all of the items that i need to make the Ulitma Keyblade? And could someone also tell me where and HOW to get them aswell. Thx.
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    Well thx for all of the tips , ill beat him SOMETIME this week LOL! The samething happened with me and Maleificent in her dragon form.
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    Well im on level 30 , i figure i should be able to beat him on lvl. 30. If he didnt shoot those (can we say d***?) geysers i wouldnt die.
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    well... how much damage does thunder do. And if it didnt take so long to be able to cure after youve already used it then id prlly already beaten him.
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    Omg im getting really really mad about this . Im on Demyx's second fight in hollow bastion and i keep losing! I cant attack him because he keeps shooting those geysers out and they get me . If i could attack him more often then i would be him. Advice would be GREAAAAAAAAAT.
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    Space Paranoid

    Ok, I went to Agrabah the first time and got through it. Then it said TTown was back so i went there. Then i went to Hollow Bastion because it was filled with darkness. And now im at Space Paronoids(Tron) but im actually supposed to be a Holloween Town. Can i still go to H. town and come back to...
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    Ansem is PATHETIC compared to sephy. I started ansem on level 55 and beat him the first time i tried. is the final boss in KH2 as easy as ansem?(hope not)