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  1. diogo14

    Terra see future?

    I see the whole fate and symbolism.. but why make him "actually" see and react tho these images... we could be the ones that get to see that as players, not Terra... that seems random... is just like the thing Terra says to Riku that is in your signature.. it seems totally random and made up...
  2. diogo14

    Terra see future?

    Something is bothering me... Can Terra see the future or something? I understand the concept of fate and all that... but he reacts to these "images" so does that mean he can see the future? that's like.. wtf? I don't know if this was brought up but i've seen many threads and not one mentioned...
  3. diogo14

    Coming Back

    If Xion comes back than Roxas and Naminé would too.. and dataNaminé said that realNaminé no longer exists so.. IMO Xion won't come back and that's good. Her story is over. Aswell as Naminé's and Roxas's.
  4. diogo14

    Episode 8 is here!! Summaries and SPOILERS

    I hope Sora goes to see Yen Sid at the beggining of the game and than he gives him some clothes that can transform into armor like TVA... that would be cool... but Yen Sid would have to give a good excuse to why he didn't give it to him in KH2... The thing that makes me a little sad is that...
  5. diogo14

    Episode 8 is here!! Summaries and SPOILERS

    I think she knows because of the data Ansem put inside Sora while he was sleeping or something like that
  6. diogo14

    Episode 8 is here!! Summaries and SPOILERS

    Roxas, Naminé and Xion all come from Sora, in a way or another. Terra and Aqua are waiting for him to come and "rescue" them. Ven's heart is inside Sora's.. so this is Ok too But Axel...? He's dead and he has nothing to do with him.. I don't get it... Just because he was friends with...
  7. diogo14

    Episode 8 is here!! Summaries and SPOILERS

    I understand all of them except Axel.. Axel isn't connected to Sora.. ? And I didn't understand Mickey saying to Sora that he was in Traverse Town too if after that they went to Castle Oblivion?!
  8. diogo14

    Episode 8 = Castle Oblivion?

    BBS SPOILERS I believe AtW said that when Sora was sleeping he stored data in him.. that data is the data in Jiminy's Journal, I believe. If the mysterious person Sora will meet is Ven.. how did AtW know about that? And how will Digi-Sora work on all this? Since Ven's heart is inside...
  9. diogo14


    you forgot naminé, she says sora too.
  10. diogo14

    Website Updated!

    What's up with Lea's name being Lia? Axel's name isn't Axil... In the new Famitsu scans it was written Lia aswell... is this some typo or what?
  11. diogo14

    Two new commercials

    Who are everyone? How do they know?
  12. diogo14

    New Interview

    I see... here I was hoping for something new about Versus and all they say is the trailer looks good.. If i can't see it why would I care.. right? Thank you very much Lissar :D
  13. diogo14

    New Interview

    So the Versus stuff, Lissar.. is it important? You don't have to translate everything but you can take a look and share..? Please
  14. diogo14


    wow.. this must summed everything up for the game.. why is Lea name writeen Lia in the scans?
  15. diogo14

    Ansem's voice

    He could've learned alot of new things during KH2 and/or in the place he is now (if he isn't dead) and the world he talks about.. it doesn't have to necessarily be A world.. but THE world.. The world of worlds.
  16. diogo14

    Ansem's voice

    Maybe Ansem is still alive and the part where he is narrating is after KH2.. that's why we see KH2 Sora.. idk
  17. diogo14

    Something about Ven

    Maybe it happens after the Ven wraped on a blanket at DI scene.. MX appears and grabs him and he doesn't have his armor because part of it is broken because of the ice?
  18. diogo14

    Whose scenario are you most excited to play?

    If you don't play the game in that order it won't spoil the game for you.. you can play whatever scenario you want first it won't ruin the game for you.. if you're playing alone. Nomura just said that TVA was the best order because they wrote the story in that order..
  19. diogo14

    Whose scenario are you most excited to play?

    All of them.. Terra because of the whole Xehanort/LS etc Ven is obvious Aqua because she is the last scenario
  20. diogo14

    Seven Princesses Question.

    In the new trailer we see what it seems to be Land of Departure being engulfed by darkness (maybe that's why we never went to this world in the future? It got destroyed and no one we know has hear about it.. Idk about Mickey though). And we see a heartless sleeping Aurora (one of the fairies...