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    WarpChaos' Theory

    this b/c in my mind I was like: "hmmm, where is this '100%' correct theory you had" AND "sora has one heart....period." (agreeing w/ Rose)
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    Why are Ven's eyes lifeless? because he's DEAD!

    Ok so you say anyone experienced in anime would understand right? Well if YOU had enough knowledge in anime YOU would know that most anime characters NEVER DIE They will take beatings so crazy that even for the ANIME world they SHOULD die, but they don't. if you want examples I'll post em later...
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    Sora/Black hair Theory - The boy with the connecting heart

    Hair = nothing to do w/ Kingdom Hearts I like the idea but the fact that recycling looks is a skill Nomura has would indicate that black hair had little to do Xion/future possibilites.
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    How can Terra be Xehanort?

    why can't it be Aqua 0.o ANYTHING is possible in Nomura's mind...actually if it was Aqua I would laugh and enjoy it the MOST! Maybe Aqua was experimented on by a trap ~ ~ ~ became a man = Xehanort *NOTE: There is the letter "a" in BOTH Aqua AND Xehanort
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    Kairi at Kingdom Hearts

    wow cmon guys/girls chill he's new and doesn't know about these things so ONE: give him a break and TWO: answer the questions which I would do but he alrdy has the answer in the thread
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    "Don't Mock Me"

    LOL byakuya much? or could from anywer actually XD I just thought of byakuya vs ichigo though XDDD
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    Heart Release Confusion?!?

    I'm having a little confusion on a "fact?" Only keyblades can release hearts right? Yet why didn't OXIII (once they had control over the heartless) just make their own hearts. As shown by Saix at the place where you fight Sephiroth, Maleficient summoned Heartless. Then soon after Saix commanded...
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    MX is actually VAT's Masters brother?

    haha not true somehow - kairi's grandmother or something in Hollow Bastion am I rite? and the theory is kinda (and I mean absolutely) pointless
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    What IS wrong with KH2 Aerith?

    ummmm the voice is better - but not used well her lines suck - and they made her boring but if utilized correctly it woulda been great
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    I'm rebuying this game but need a decison

    U NEVER TAKE SHIELD!!! u take sword/wand me = sword wand only if u would prefer defensive tactics but overall sword actually helps da most
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    You have theories on this?

    he was pretty hard my first time round not second and that kblade order is rong, IMO: Keyblade, OathKeeper, sleeping lion, oblivion, ultima weapon
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    RPG Treasury?

    Pretty basic thread. I want to see which RPGs pple favor the most AND WHY!!! I would normally make a poll - but if I leave out one person's fav than i will be flamed to all hell ...AAAAnyways my number one choice is Chrono Trigger! what's ur opinion? P.S: this is also a thread to hear of...
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    Who are you gonna play first in BBS?

    ok no offense guys it is confirmed (while back) that u cant play aqua at the beginning all aqua votes are invalidated ;P id play wit terra = his vids look amazing
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    ok i just went onto the homepage of KHI and i tried to watch the latest video but it dint work - said it was removed by user so can u fix or tell me how to see it? just answer and close kthx :)
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    Gummi Ship Missions

    ok since this is still open i need to only 100% two more things sum1 tell me how goddess of fate 3000 pts and hades last paradox thingie 15,000 pts i figured out and did evrythin else by myself
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    Gummi Ship Missions

    yes i did it :) every mission 1+ 2 = S rank every mission 3 = S+1 rank at least some wer S + 3 ok use falcon peak! use two of those angel wings 1 graviga in the middle so guys in front are destroyed use 4 of those firagas - two left and two rite then use on of those auto-firing lasers - the...
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    Happy B-Day!

    rll Audo? same day releases!?! kewl as hell anyways pple dont rlly think second was better for worse reasons only better graphics and kewler gameplay BUT KH1 started this godly series and it had a deeper and sadder story not to mention the riku battle was hard as F*(K second game tooooo...
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    358/2 days... meaning?

    kinda extreme but at least ur thinkin bout it anyways i always thought it was like the 358 days Roxas was in O13 played over two days i also thought that it was interesting how 1 year = 356 days + 7 would equal 358... sumthin to do with his last week? 358/2??? or mayb the last two days...
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    chaser theory

    owned :)
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    Ven and Sora

    true ^^^ anyways i almost fully support this - but it doesnt make sense if u apply this to Roxas ur theory is kinda denying wat rlly happened wit roxas but otherwise i lurv it :)