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  1. Summonerbrandon

    Protectors of Light

    Oh my gosh Alan. Why do you always insist that Aqua will become a light-based villain? We have went over this time and again on the other forum that this will derail her and that if she has some idea that is not good, then it is best that it happens somewhere in the middle instead of the end...
  2. Summonerbrandon

    Protectors of Light

    I highly doubt that Terra will be the 7th. If you ask me, Terra is going to get killed off after being a part of Organization XIII or be put into a coma. Either way, I believe that something bad will happen to him, still making the possibility of it being Sora, Riku, Kairi, Lea, Mickey, Aqua and...
  3. Summonerbrandon

    Time Travel... it's so simple!

    I am sorry but right now, I want to apply Final Fantasy VIII (And maybe FFXIII-2 but that is a little bit complicated because if anyone try to change the future, the past will also be changed) elements into this game since we are on the topic about time traveling. For me, this is my own theory...
  4. Summonerbrandon

    7 Lights (What If)

    ... But Namine is first of all, is not Sora's. She is Kairi's... This "logic" is completely messed up that I really do not know where to start.
  5. Summonerbrandon

    7 Lights (What If)

    ... These are some... invalid potential-supposed-to be lights you have picked Ruran (No offense). Oh yea. And at Matgsy about the Beast, I need to prove you wrong about that. First off, Xaldin was dead before he can already take him over with darkness. Not only that, it was shown in the ending...
  6. Summonerbrandon

    Beautified or Uglified?

    I was just curious... but what do you guys think about my pics? I hope that they are good. I also want to try and make sigs and avatars for you all if you want.
  7. Summonerbrandon

    Chicken Soup for the Lost Soul~Renewal

    An entry that I did on another site. Hope you guys like it. Has to be Chicken Soup-related somewhat. Every day is the same day Yelling, screaming and a knockout on a mouth that cannot be kept at bay Each morning is a drain My soul feels like it cannot be swayed By any words of false...
  8. Summonerbrandon

    7 Lights (What If)

    No slap in the face please. The saga is already tensed already.
  9. Summonerbrandon

    SummonerBWM: Ready Once Again!

    O_O Can't believe that I am gone for a while. Yeesh. But anyway, how is everyone! -.- I am pretty lonely right now and all of a sudden, I start remembering about this place so I want to stay here for a while. :eek: Speaking of which, I hope that there are some good graphic designers here. I just...
  10. Summonerbrandon

    Master Eraqus (?) and Land of Departure

    XD A chinese keyblader. I can't wait to play the game but I don't have the game system for it. DX Anyways, I think Land of Departure is where Aqua, Ven, & Terra came together & was looking up at someone, who I believe is Master Eraqus.
  11. Summonerbrandon

    link between riku and MX apprentice

    This is my theory. I think that Master Xehanort's apprentice was fused along with Terra somehow at the end of the Keyblade War, which made Xehanort, which allows the memories of Xemnas to know about Aqua in KH2+FM. This is also since Xehanort's heartless gave Riku the powers of darkness &...
  12. Summonerbrandon

    Is anybody else as mad as me?

    XD You need pateice. Besides, you should play some spors like golf to pass the time.
  13. Summonerbrandon

    "Suspected" PoH's?

    ??? How can Aqua be a princess? I don't understand that. Queen Minnie may not even be a Poh regardless of a pure heart. How about Princess Fiona from Shrek?
  14. Summonerbrandon


    I say that Mickey saved me a lot of times. DX Sadly, if I want to defeat Xalden, then i must either jump over his ultimate attack that is unavoidable or attack him with my all & die for Mickey to save me.
  15. Summonerbrandon

    Terra vs. Ven vs. Aqua

    Um... why would Aqua fight her own friends? She cares a lot & she even warns Terra about Maleficent. Ven cares a lot for Terra, but wanted to be erase by I think Terra or Aqua. The three of them have a strong friendship when you think about it.
  16. Summonerbrandon

    BbS Summons

    :( I think it's going to be real hard to do the FF summons. IF they're going to do that, they first need copyrights of those, then they need to somehow have the FF summons all Disney looking. Otherwise, they'll think that it's a fail for BBS. You might be seeing Stitch as a summon for BBS though.
  17. Summonerbrandon

    Um... I'm not real sure.

    If this is not the right spot for me to make my thread, please move this to it's appropriate place & don't talk bad about me. Anyways, I want to start to roleplay here, since I'm good at that, but I really don't know what all of you do here? What are the rules to KHI's roleplays, what is a rp...
  18. Summonerbrandon

    Sora's stolen keyblade

    -.- This is what I was referring to KHphantom's answer is similar to mines. He just told you that except he made the answer more clearer...
  19. Summonerbrandon

    Sora's stolen keyblade

    The reason why Sora wasn't able to use another keyblade is because of the keychains. You get the keychain of that world in order to obtain the keyblade of that world. When the Kingdom Key was taken away, the other forms of the keyblade like Jungle King or Olympus wasn't able to be used.
  20. Summonerbrandon

    Terra, Aqua and Ven's "Symbol"

    Um... I don't find anything important about the symbol on them. It don't even bother me. Maybe the reason why terra has his on the belt is because he's more skilled or he's in a higher rank than Aqua & Ven.