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    Help/Support ► I need a PSP

    The PSP GO can't play UMDs plus the fact that a digital download release of some games takes place after several weeks. Not too sure about the 3000 though.
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    This is the thread where all of us criminal scum who got the Days ROM come to discuss

    Re: This is the thread where all of us criminal scum who got the Days ROM come to dis Haven't experienced any problems playing ROMs with my flashcart. Might be because I haven't played games with anti piracy but don't really know if they have it in the first place. Scene groups might find a way...
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    Roxas x Namine Thread

    I do believe that threads like these belong to the fanclub section but I could be wrong. Then you belong here. lol Everyone = 1 person? I'm not really into the whole AxelxRoxas ordeal, though I do agree that Roxas and Namine do seem more as brother and sister. Though, their relationship...
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    playable characters!?!?!?!?!?!?

    Wrong person, Z. As for Riku being playable outside the Xemnas battle, you can only use the air combo as far as I know if you applied the code.
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    The Joaxshu Fanclub

    Welcome to Joaxshu's fanclub, better known as the king of the lolcats kingdom. I was wondering to myself why this hasn't been made yet <_< Joax's is a pretty good to talk to and he's always there to make us laugh when needed. So join now and get a free *lolcat from Joax himself ^_^...
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    Fanfiction ► Shines One Year After: Act 2

    Bump. Your writing skills are still second to none. This chapter kinda reminds me of the Christmas special of Beauty and the Beast. But where's the second chapter? Or are you waiting for more readers to notice this? Since it seems only a few have read every chapter of this fanfic.
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    Fanfiction ► Kairi's Diary

    I've read the most of the fic and I must say, the way you use the first person way to tell the story is pretty good. Can't wait for more. This fic would be compared to bizness86's. Man, bizness got me typing like him. Angels? or angles? Not sure if there were more misspellings.
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    Fanfiction ► Shines One Year After: Act 1

    Or maybe Java's the corresponding Nobody for a Nighthood (Not the Nighthood) Hmm... if Java's a Nobody then.... I think he controls the element of caffeine then. This post is so random...
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    Fanfiction ► Shines One Year After: Act 1

    ^So there will be a part two then?
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    Fanfiction ► Shines One Year After: Act 1

    Idea on how to get a part two out of this: Hey bizness, you said that you based this off an RP correct? Well what if you RP again, base on the events which happens after the story, to get a general idea what would happen. But first I think you should post everything before you take it into...
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    Fanfiction ► Shines One Year After: Act 1

    Base from Xuan's comment, maybe you could tweak past and future battle scenes with his help... besides, its not like accomplishing the RPG Inferno will do any good since a reset will happen and, since you both are RPG casualists (Not casualties), you could work on this together.
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    Fanfiction ► Shines One Year After: Act 1

    Told you I would print this whole thing and read it... now to read the rest.
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    Fanfiction ► Shines One Year After: Act 1

    Could you explain Chapter one? My intellect fails to grasp its complexity. As for the prologue, the settings pretty good but what are the bridges made of if I may ask? I may have missed it or it may have not been explained. Its structure may be important because as I've read, they seem to be...
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    The XIVth Member: What we DO know

    Yea that what I was thinking at first but then again we'd never know until the actual game is release.
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    The XIVth Member: What we DO know

    This is totally random but... If the fourteenth member was female, would that mean she had a close friendship with Larxene? Or even Axel? I mean Axel acted like he was using Roxas to replace someone he lost... Then again I'm pretty unsure of that. btw Anima your one post away from being Premium
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    Fanfiction ► Shines One Year After: Jiminy's Journal

    Ok I've read the profiles and I must say they are quite... complicated though I've only read three of them: Nighthood, Java, and Gabrianna. The Nighthood character really caught my attention because you have stated the fact that you cannot RP as him anymore... Might I ask why? As for the...
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    I'm taking Max's Challenge

    TLK, good luck with this. I almost got this done but I quit after losing to Hook like 20 times.
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    Similar names with Organization members?

    I don't know anyone with an Org. name but I do know a place near where I lived called Roxas Boulevard.
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    358/2 days final boss

    Its most likely Riku or Sora. But there's still the possibility of an entirely new boss that we don't know about yet. (Or just forgot about)
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    Starting Equipment On Proud

    Another thread made by TLK that involves something insanely hard to do? I'm gonna try to keep it alive!!! Maybe if you had a 2nd in command that can decide who can be members in the clan.......