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  1. Dexel

    Help/Support ► Crazy or just mundane?

    And to think I just hid my age recently. 15 years, going on 16.
  2. Dexel

    Help/Support ► Crazy or just mundane?

    Sorry for taking a while here, fell asleep. Anyhow... :x 1) There are a lot of things I do that are repetitive, I suppose. It's moreso how every day is exactly the same, though I think I probably do have some routines I'm not normally aware of. To be honest, I don't exactly expect much of a...
  3. Dexel

    Help/Support ► Crazy or just mundane?

    Yep, it's the nutcase from the confession thread come to be more selfish. Frankly, I think it's just 'cause it's the single worst thing running through my head and thus the most difficult one to say because of social ineptitude and how the only people who'd care would give me looks filled with...
  4. Dexel

    Fahrenheit/Indigo Prophecy

    So I went diving through these threads and found no dead threads with this title. If there still is a thread about this game, feel free to merge or whatevs. -x- Title - The name of this game varies based on where you are. In Europe, it's known as Fahrenheit, but here in the U.S., the...
  5. Dexel

    Help/Support ► Failed Suicide Attempt

    To be honest, if you did what you claimed, I'm very curious as to why you're alive. That being said... Hopefully now you realize that life's a hell of a lot better than death right now. Try new things, get to know people, etc. Live life the best you can, and roll with both the good and bad...
  6. Dexel

    So has anyone bought a PSP...

    Got a PSP long before BbS and still haven't even played that game. So, no, I didn't get it with even the slightest interest in BBS. But to be honest, I forget my initial reason now...
  7. Dexel

    Is Kingdom Hearts I really good or is it overrated due to nostalgia/first/original of the series?

    Re: Is Kingdom Hearts I really good or is it overrated due to nostalgia/first/ original of the serie Eh, KHI was a good game, nostalgia googles or not. I can't add much to what's already been said here. I will say, at least, KHI is the one game out of the entire series I like the most ( so far...
  8. Dexel

    Help/Support ► How to betray a friend

    Hmm...as much as you've made a point that you and Friend A are both high achievers, what about Friend B? You said yourself that Friend B contributed maybe one paragraph out of twenty pages worth of research, even if you did state earlier he was smart, though that might not necessarily mean he's...
  9. Dexel

    what is your least favorite heartless?

    The Cars in KH2. Those f***ing things never even flinch when taking damage, so it's not hard for them to clobber you to death unless you use guerilla tactics.
  10. Dexel

    To those who still care...

    I'm back again. Just can't keep myself out of trouble, now can I? I just got suspended from the computer lately due to bad grades. Needless to say, that obstacle has been overcome, and with any luck, summer school isn't even a remote possibility.
  11. Dexel

    Help/Support ► To ask or not to ask?

    Go wih Option #1. You seem pretty set on it, anyways. Screw the cons, this sounds like your only chance. Also, results would be nice to hear. Only if you feel like it, though. -x- EDIT: Tied on the poll now because of my vote. xD
  12. Dexel

    Poor Cuddles. o-O

    "When you clothes have to be huggably, rapably fresh." YouTube - Robot Chicken: The Sodomy Cycle - Adult Swim (Official) -x- Sodomy was never softer. *shot* Damn you Seth Green.
  13. Dexel

    Thought this was pretty funny.

    This is a Metal Gear Solid video made from various clips from MS1-3. Colnoel: "The Secretary of Defense has..." Solidus: "Killed your parents." Raiden: "!!" YouTube - Metal Gear Solid - Metal Gear Stupid
  14. Dexel

    Oh Lucy, I'm hooooome!

    Guess who decided to come back after a year or two? Seems a lot of things have changed on here since I last came. To those who are curious, let me speed you up to date... My computer recieved the Vundo virus, proceeded to crash and burn ( permanently ), and now I am typing from a laptop. I...
  15. Dexel

    .Hack Offical Discussion Thread

    Scrolled through a few pages and failed to see a thread like this, so, title should explain all. Discuss .Hack//G.U., IMOQ, and Link here. Also, I noticed that a site is aiming their sights on making a 3D MMORPG version of The World R:1, with the exception of PKing and an Arena. December 24th...
  16. Dexel

    Help/Support ► Obsessed or In love? What do I do?

    -------------------------------- Seriously, though, man up and tell him. Don't just try to do it as non offensively as possible, they never listen to you otherwise, esp. if it's authority they respect above all. He doesn't listen, tell someone, but don't ignore it altogether. That's when...
  17. Dexel

    Help/Support ► WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!?!

    Good to hear. Best of luck to yah. You're still in your best years, so enjoy it, eh?
  18. Dexel

    Help/Support ► WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON?!?!

    This is probably one of the only sex-related posts I can agree on. I, myself, don't have anything to say. I never had any relationship even close to so much as this. It's pleasant to see someone who doesn't have a dirty mind like me. Unless...? Oh-ho-ho, you sly dog. I gotcha. ;D
  19. Dexel

    Growing meat without the animal?

    Mad Science? Growing Meat Without Animals - Yahoo! News Discuss.
  20. Dexel

    Help/Support ► Is this wrong?

    ...There's nothing wrong with it. Although I haven't heard or imagined this kinda case myself, I can't exactly condemn it.