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    the hearts weakness

    what is the human hearts greatest weakness.
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    define life

    what is living in an infinte circle.u can basicly tell tomrrow's story today.
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    elfen lied

    i think its a cool anime but too short
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    where is the the graphics section

    where is the the graphics section to get a signture
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    The true meaning of "Kingdom Hearts"

    i think we all know kairi is from hollow bastion if u just read ansem's 11th report
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    halo2 is there a golden warthog

    is there reaaly a golden warthog or did someone just saw the bill board in head long and said there is one
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    asnem's report

    could be. because they didnt just say o its a big hit lets make a serios. they already plan to make kh2. of all the clues they give us it might to ture
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    when is naruto premeire

    when is naruto going to show on toonami
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    the hottest girl in kh2

    by older i mean the grew up one
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    the hottest girl in kh2

    the older version of kairi all the way
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    asnem's report

    what is the non-existent ones
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    asnem's report

    what does ansem's 13 report means When the heart casts off the flesh, where does the body go? Heart and soul are separate, and the spirit remains in the body. But can we assume that the leftover body and soul perish? Certainly when the heart changes into a Heartless the body disappears...
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    star ocean till the end of time

    i like it because of its graphic and the battles
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    Light? Dark? Or Twilight?

    i choose to still in unknown i choose to still in ever lasting darkness
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    good rpg game

    i like Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals it old but still cool . i also like lunar
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    fravoite rpg game

    i think one of the best is Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals it old but i still like it. and Lunar is cool too
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    asnem's report

    like how in the japanees kh u get a keyblade for defeating the lce titan or Sephiroth
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    asnem's report

    people say u can get all 13 reports but i think thats only in the japanees version
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    asnem's report

    i like number 11 In opening the door that stores a world's hearts, the wall around that world is broken down. We see this as a shooting star. Through this, I have been able to understand the reason why the material known as Gummi Blocks has the ability to allow travel to other worlds. The...
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    asnem's report

    which do u think is must interesing