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    Zexion Kh2 Confirmed!?!?!?

    Well, he could've just gotten older, that's a possibility ^_^ After all one does age. Zexion, I mean. Or that transformation thing, like in Reverse/Rebirth when he disguised himself as Sora . . .
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    Spontaneous Acts Of Randomness!!!

    Yep, that's right! The thread from PC everybody loves has finally reached here!! *does the potato boogie* Have you ever smelled a pickle! Nummy, minty fresh cheeseburgers.
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    Upcoming KH 2 info

    Yeah, we'll probably get the new female member. I truly hope that that lady lives up to Larxene . . . She'll have to, or the Larxene fans (Such as myself, even though I'm not a complainer) will revolt, or at least whine our heads off, on these boards.
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    Yeah, a smaller siggy would work, too.
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    Who knows. Is this a theory, of some sort? Explain with a tad bit more detail, if you may.
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    Upcoming KH 2 info

    Bah, just the BHK's name. That, I think, is the little thing at the back of everyone's minds right now.
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    Defending Kindgom Hearts 2

    Bravo, bravo!! An amazing job! I completely agree with all of this. Even if I hadn't before, the points you made were so valid and solid that I would have aggreed in the end anyway! *throws a rose onto the stage*
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    New Keyblades?

    Yeah. If I remember correctly, wasn't there something about mixing up keyblades? Or was that just a rumor? Anyway, an Underworld keyblade sounds waaay awesome . . . Kyahahaha, the undead keyblade o' DOOM!! ^___^'''
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    only 16 worlds???

    16 is a pretty good number, but you people forget Neverland, Deep Jungle, Traverse Town, and Wonderland . . . Not to mention any new ORIGINAL WORLDS that might be coming out. And the final world.
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    Kairis KH2 part....

    Yeah. I think she'll fight, but not literally . . . I think she'll try to become stronger than she was before. Perhaps she'll even venture away from Destiny Islands. But rest assured, I serously don't think she'll ACTUALLY fight. Mabye she'll help Sora find the Keyholes or summat . . .
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    If sora.....

    He'll probably glow or get sparky, or something along those lines. Dunno, though, cuz' you couldn't summon in Atlantica . . . Mabye you won't be able to here. *Just a thought*
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    Red Hot Chili Peppers singing Simple and Clean??

    It would be odd and unexpected, but still neat if it actually happened. ^__^'''
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    KH:COM Manga revealed and release date.

    Eh, whatever. It'll be on the web eventually. I'm not gonna waste money on it.
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    Light? Dark? Or Twilight?

    Twilight, sitting on the thread between light and darkness. Always! ^___^
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    The Namine Topic 2.0

    Well, that's all fine and good, but I thought NOBODY would forget about the scene in Revese/Rebirth where Namine specificically said: "I'm her shadow." . . . In response to a comment about Kairi.
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    Why Marluxia turned against the Organization *JOKE*

    OMFG. No offense to anyone, but that was the funniest thing I've seen KH related. *is ROFL-ing*
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    Lion King World Officially In KH2 ( Scan )

    I went ballistic when I saw Sora as a lion . . . One, he's fuzzy(o___o!!!). Two, He's butt-naked! LOL! I love it! And you'll probably become a lion the same way you became a mermaid(merman) in Atlantica, or an, uh . . . Halloween-y . . . thing in Halloween Town.
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    Create a Heartless for KH2

    Huh. Isn't there already a thread like this somewhere? Well, whatever. Name: Medusa Appearance: A blood red dragon, snake from the waist down, about the size of a Sequoia tree. It has five heads, and the Heartless symbol is on its back. Abilities: One casts Thunder, one casts Fire, one...
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    Could it be possible

    "The light was reborn in the hearts of the children", don't you mean? It wasn't just a group of select children, it was children in general. As in all children. Everywhere.
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    CoM Accomplishments 2.00136

    This is my deck. Basic, but it works. Mostly Obvlivion, One Winged angel and Pumpkinhead KB. Oblivion-9 Kingdom Key-0 One Winged Angel-9 One Winged Angel-0 Pumpkinhead-9 Oblivion-0 Pumpkinhead-9 Pumpkinhead-0 Oblivion-9 One Winged Angel-0 Oblivion-0 Cloud-9 Cure-9 Cloud-9 Cure-9 Cloud-9 Cure-9...