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    Fanfiction ► The Organization Reborn

    Hi Erik, I see you wrote a fanfic finally, starring you! ( Why not me...meh? Oh well, at least I get a supporting role) Now I know that this is a basic rough draft and that you will improve appon this alot, but there is one thing I must remind you of, BE DESCRIPTIVE. remember after we read The...
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    favorite limit

    Its pretty simple, take the first tow letters other than the x then reverse the last three letters and stick them on the end of the first two. The rest should be simple.
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    favorite limit

    YEAH, AURON ROCKS!!! And I consider the Auron in KH2 to be as powerful as the Auron in the begining of FFX, so imagine how powerful he would be with his grid full and with the Masamune!
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    Doesn't Aerith's voice suck in KH2

    Glad to hear that problem is fixed in AC. Is Cid's voice still the same though? Becauce when I heard Aerith I was like Man, that was annoying, and when I heard Cid I was like NOOOOOOO!
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    favorite limit

    Bushido. I know its kinda weak but ITS SO COOOL LOOKING!!
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    Post your hardest boss battle, funniest, saddest, and most tense moment of KH2.

    Hardest boss: Demyx, I don't know why. Funniest: The look on Sora's face when Roxas came out of him. Saddest: Axel's death. Tense: Delivering that final combo on Sepheroth.