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    The official 'Complain about how you're not getting it on the 28th' thread

    Still waiting..... Gamestop called on Wed. to say to get the game at noon but my mom wouldnt get it so i got to wait on thurs. this sucks!
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    Can you?

    Can you play KH2 online? like with the PS2 network adapter? I dont think so....Im just wondering.
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    A New Drive form i havent heard of before!

    Ok theres this new drive form i found its cool its called Anit-Form, Its where you turn into a heartless(like in kh1)and you use your keyblades and only use the heartless claws! And your attack and magic go up alot and you have amazing speed! So i cant wait to see that form!!!!!! I got it from...
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    when kh2 comes

    Well more of Mickey and of course Auron!
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    I think its been done before but...have you reserved KH2?!

    I reserved it today and i got the special edition guidebook! so ima spend 90$ i think....
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    What are you most excited about in KH2*possible Spoilers*

    The new drive forms! and worlds
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    did anyone...

    I need to pre-order mine like now!
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    Kh2 Characters

    Im saying characters not worlds lol but i would too lol
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    It'll be normal i think.
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    What Have You Done To Quench Your Need For KH2?

    Lol good ones ppl well i havent stole anything lol well i wander if i should do on that spoiler site......lol
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    Kh2 Characters

    Oh ya
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    Kh2 Characters

    Lol ya im glad theres more FF charaters and Auron is one of my fav FF characters so im glad hes gunna be in there!
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    fav thing in kh2

    Ya playing with 2 keyblades and the new drive modes! and just the new worlds and new characters!
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    KH1 on psp??

    That would be cool! I would buy that for sure.
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    Kh2 Characters

    Ya theres gunnab be alot of FF characters, anymore? Oh and That guy from Pirates Of The Carabian.
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    Kh2 Characters

    What characters do u think will be in kh2? I know for sure Aruon from FFX is going to be in there but who else?
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    Need to find these items for ulitma!

    I cant find these things to get the ultima 2 Bright Shards 1 Power Gem 2 Mystery Goo's and 1 Gale plz tell me wat world its in and wat monster plz! Thank you
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    Need to beat boss!

    Ok i just started a kh game on expert and im on the boss before you lock the keyhole in traverse town. (its when he flips himself over and hes different). i forgot how i beat him on my normal game so can someone help me!
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    Wat Lvl Are You?

    What Lvl Are You In Kh1? Im Lvl 81.....
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    KH2 Release Date Discussion Thread

    Oh ya! March 28th! Cant wait!!!!!! yay!