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    How was Kh2 for you?

    He said it would take that long if you did everything!!! that means all the mini games etc.
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    I dont get it?[weapons]

    It unlocks hearts and... I still don't see how a wing can unlock thinks though.
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    What the heck?

    That sux hard core for you thats why you make a backup save lol n00bs.
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    The official 'Complain about how you're not getting it on the 28th' thread

    Re: im cheezzed off Lol I imported it
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    A Drive Form Glitch?

    Yes this does happen and it pretty funny in fact.
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    Your KH2 Import Impressions

    Ha Ha Funny NOT! Don't Be Dumb And Post Crap Like That. Ok I Have Now Gotten To Halloween Town If Anyone Has Questions Feel Free To Ask
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    Oh Yes It Is I Imported It And Pre Odered It
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    I preorderd Xenosaga 2 At EB Games And I Got It The Next Day
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    Name of it (possible spoiler)

    I think its called The Non-Existent World. But thats just me
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    i have imported kh2 and slide card...

    ROFL I Have It Its Real Not To Hard Plus Xaldin's Kinddom Hearts II FAQ AND Strats Really Help
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    This is really really really weird

    I would like a screen shot
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    3rd Person/First Person

    Ok I don't know if this has been posted. You can now play in first of third person view but when you are in first person view fighting and you lock on you go to third person view. Also fighing in first person view is hard but you couldnt do it in the first one. I like 3rd person better. Just...
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    i have imported kh2 and slide card...

    THE SLIDE CARD DOES NOT Change JAPANESE GAMES TO ENGLISH but allows you to play them on an english ps2
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    Drive Bar/Minor Spoilers

    This might have been posted if it has my bad Ok the drive bar is a new function in the game... When you first get it you have 3 bars. Well later on in the game it gets bigger right now mine is at 4 but I imaging it gets bigger..... Hoverver you only need 3 bars in order to fuse.:) You can...
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    Drive Bar

    Does Anyone Know How High It Can Get???
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    Drive Bar

    This May Have Been Posted.... As I was playing my KH2 :) I noticed that around the Nightmare Before Chirstmas level that I now had 4 insted of 3 drive bars has anyone else got higher???
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    i have imported kh2 and slide card...

    I understood it enough to play its not much diffrent form KH
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    Will KH2 work with a Slide Card Swap Magic?

    Yes I know a lot as well if you have any questions about the game or MODDING you ps2 just ask me in a pm