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    jiminy's journal completion

    what all do you have to do to complete jiminy's journal?
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    KH II Songs and more

    NOTE TO EVERY POSTER AFTER THIS: she does not have sanctuary, she claims it is 3 mins long when passion is 4 mins long...the clip is only 5 sec so dont waste the 2 sec of your life for nothing
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    KH II Songs and more

    umm yea it is a clip bc its only like 145 kb
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    KH II Songs and more

    i have a feeling its just the clip we've already heard *edit* doesnt sound like the right thing seeing as how its only 5 sec long
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    KH2 Final Distance Song?

    ummm final distance is old...i highly doubt that it is the theme for kh3 when its not gonna be out for a while and utada creates new songs for the series...the song for kh2 is sanctuary
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    KH II Songs and more

    so wheres the link to sanctuary then?? *edit* I'm on my knees begging you...but if you dont give it to me thenn...i will wait
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    28th or 30th

    well im just saying that my ebgames said that i would have it in my hands on the 28th...maybe not the morning but probably around 1 or so
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    can some one here give me a hand

    try searching at kh-vids.net under kh2 cutscenes...or try searching youtube
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    28th or 30th

    well beastly i live in north central ohio....sandusky/castalia to be exact..so yea anyways my ebgames said the same thing
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    Limited Edition Strategy Guide cover!

    o heck yes...thats the cover i get
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    28th or 30th

    my ebgames here told me i theyll have it in store on the 28th
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    How much did you enjoy Kh2?

    yea i am just relaxing for 24 days...i mean it was a couple of years ago when we first heard about the sequal coming...now its mere weeks away and some ppl wanna spoil it for themselves as for the part if its worth the 50 bucks...everyone is saying that it is, but it dont really matter to me...
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    the war at home

    have any of you seen "the war at home" its a new show on fox...lol...it is so freakin funny
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    To Do list before kh2 comes out?

    hmm...beat DQVIII, then maybe kh and com...anyways i have it reserved and im going after school to get it but i wont be able to play it til that sat cause ill be busy with drama and baseball
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    trying to improve school spirit

    does anyone have any good cheers that the fans can chant at a basketball game? cause everyone in my area complains about us students not having enough school spirit...so we are trying to prove them wrong
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    Kingdom Hearts II Guide, LE or Normal?

    get the limited edition one...it comes with a lot of extra stuff..you can pre order it from www.walmart.com its like 20 bucks or something like that...so do it bc its a great deal
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Signature Series Official Strategy Guide

    ehh im getting the limited edition one
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    new kh2 scans from gimformer.

    just a little late i already had a topic on this like 4 days ago
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    Sora square button

    in game informer it says that triangle can perform speical attacks or special dodges
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    Electronic Monthly

    you can get it now, there are 4 different covers... 1 is them in their new clothes 2 is them in their halloween town costumes 3 is them in their steamboat wille pose type deal 4 is them in their tron duds