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    Poll: How many of you have resisted the spoilers???

    I've seen anything that doesn't involve the ending except that screen shot of Riku because well... Riku is sexy... and one screen of those knights which look kind of stupid...
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    How much time are YOU gonna put into KH2?

    I'll probably take my time. I always do. I'm too sucky to rush and I don't believe in using game guides unless I've been stuck for more than two hours (during which time I usually get leveled up).
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    What should I go see in a trip to Tokyo?

    I'm going to Tokyo, have any of you been there? What's good to see? I'm mainly on the look-out for anime/otaku-ness. Specifics would be nice and darn it I keep forgetting which district has the otaku stuff...
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    Final Axel Battle

    I thought Axel was pretty easy, emotional issues aside. Imagine hearing in a tour bus "Die Axel! Even though I loooooove yooooooouuu!" and then consquent "Die faster now dagnabit!" and some consquent fangirly squealing. I found Riku replica in RR obscenely difficult and Marluxia 1 took me...
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    Vexen has some gender confusion. I argued with a guy in class a long time in an arguement that led to Santa's reindeer (back before we knew his name and some guessed it was Vixen) Though now that I think about it, a guy is 50% more likely to not comphrehend gender quickly on the men of the...
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    Has anyone here ever done archery lessons? I'm thinking of taking archery lessons and wondering if anyone's ever done it and could maybe tell me something about it. Like what's cool about it and what's not.
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    That's been a topic on the forums long long ago. I didn't want to spend the money and thus made a cheap Chinese counterfeit by sewing it myself.
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    Why does nobody like Vexen-san? I could use to know why...

    I like Axel more and after going into a long arguement about Santa's reindeer to convince a clasmate he was a man (back when his name appeared to be Vixen) I never bothered to put much effort into him...
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    Xaldin = New organization member.

    Cool! A new member! He makes me think of Hajikata from Peacemaker Kurogane. I wish I knew more Japanese. All I can read is "Nobody Dusk" and "Xaldin" and "Black Coat" and "Sora no iku te o something-mu" Is there a larger version of this scan somewhere so that I can attack my Japanese reading...
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    I would assume Axel can bear Marluxia. Of course, I think that by default but... FIRE > CHERRY BLOSSOMS
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    *Jack Sparrow Confirmed!*

    If they have Jack Sparrow, will he still get rum? Jack Sparrow needs rum! But KHII is likely to be rated E isn't it? Like how Cid's cigarette got turned into a eternally bitten stick (well, that makes a moderate bit more sense than a cigarette that never goes out, but...)
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    make new mebers of the organasation

    You know, the Organization is already getting new memebers in the fanart section. And learn to spell for cripe's sake.
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    Yeah, now I'm am moderately swaying to tragic past(Tragica pasts raise sexy-points for soem reason) or something on Axel. I wouldn't cry if he just turns out to be a greedy self-worshipping person...
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    Kairi's new look

    Kairi looks so much older and mature while Sora looks exactly the same age. It kinda bugs me. Selphie looks about the same too... weird..
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    Fanfiction ► Should I write my story?

    I really don't read Fanfics outside of parody. Crossovers are either really good or reallly pathetic. I wrote a Yugioh/Angel Sanctuary crossover once... Write the thing, you can always quit half way if you don't feel like it anyway.
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    Can some one please tell how to beat the Riku Clone?

    Took me ages to beat Riku clone....darned identity-crisised loser.... Hack at him insanely. Activate all the Heartless cards you have one by one as the battle progresses(I do it somewhat haphazardly, but my Heartless cards are in the order I got them) but save the Oogie Boogie one for when...
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    Does Marluxia looks like Brad and Hitlez?

    Gazing at the first pics thaty popped up on Google search. He does look like Brad and Hiltz shoved together(Brad's hair-shape is closer and Hiltz's color is more similar) But Marluxia is sexier....um...yeah...(actually, I only like Marluxia minimally, I was Marluxia for Halloween since he has...
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    What's The Stupidest Thing You Ever Did in COM?

    I would probably say taking an uber-long time to figure out how to use Heartless cards....> > seems to be a common sentiment.
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    Why do you love about Zexion.

    I like his hair. I wish he did more in COM....
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    Help wth Unknown costume

    Well, I think I'm the weird one rather than them. I wear a FMA jacket & pocketwatch and Naruto Headbands and anime things of no particular logic, so showing up in an Organization coat is pretty normal on account of myself.