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    Dreams and Memories

    Exactly! The theme is trust. I believe that Yen Sid needs to know if Riku and Sora can truly trust each other and that is where the whole scenario of dreams happens. Now i'm not too sure about Riku and Sora actually fighting each other, but that Riku and Sora are in the same place at the same...
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    BBS V2 Prediction

    Yeah, I totally agree with this. Plus, if Aqua is out of the RoD i'm pretty sure they would tell her there is another Xehanort out there that was created again due to Xemnas being destroyed. So I only see her working with Sora to figure out how to get Terra back from the Xehanort that has returned.
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    KH3D HD trailer is up.

    Watching the trailer again, i'm pretty sure "Drop" is what causes the switch between Sora and Riku. Riku is fighting shadows right when he sees multiple Soras and then Sora comes down and is now fighting the shadows. And the word "Drop" was seen during this.
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    BBS FM: Analysis of Xehanort in the secret ending

    Yeah, I have to agree that I think Young Xehanort is the one that is back. Since BBS first came out I always thought the scenes of him on the beach were always from the future and not the past. But that's just me lol