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    question about kh2 spoilers

    well all be talking about it and the people that havent played it will most likely be spoiled like in europe, thats ashame.
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    question kingdom hearts 2 tv show?

    This is the whole story that i heard... in kapan they first made a comic book series for KH and that didnt sell the way they wanted it to, and their plan was that if the comic book sold then they would make a t.v. show(in japan)... atleast thats what i heard
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    Jesse McCartney as roxas

    I think that Jesse McCartney will actually be ok, not the best, but good.
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    Why Is It?

    i think the developers are aware that sora is in a different spot on/near the tree, or at least they should, and besides they probably sat on that tree many times, the scene is prob not that same one that was in kh1.
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    Who should voice axel

    the governator would be funny, but i dont think that his voice should be too high
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    About Roxas' English Voice... ^^;

    i dont have a problem (not a big problem at least) with jesse mcartney playing roxas, hopefully it will turn out to be ok
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    After KH2 comes out

    then we will talk about KH4, lol, but thats a long time into the future
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    kingdom hearts 2 strategy guide (possible spoilers)

    i cant find stuff on it either...
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    Ideas of KH2 that never made it past the drawing board. *Spoilers maybe*

    i know that peter pan's world was supposed to be in it, but they scratched that because it was too close to pirates of the carribean.
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    Lip Syncing: A big factor in KH2's delay

    I think it's a possibility that it will come out in march, but it is more possible that it will come out later like in may. I'd rather them spend more time on it and it be more of a higher quality then they spend only a little bit of time and it suck. And also I think the lip syncing is a very...
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    feelings about KH2.

    im excited, but for some reason i keep thinking, what if the game isnt going to be everything it was supposed to be?
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    KH2 Limited Edition Question

    this is what i read. there most likely isnt goin to be an LE game, the reason they made an LE guide is becaus its goin to have extra content like artwork, and stuff, and i think it is goin to be hardback too.
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    Limited Edition Questions

    i never even heard of a special edition kh2, can ya tell me about it?
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    KH2 official site

    did they keep updating the KH1 site?
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    KH2 is SO easy!

    i dont believe it!
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    KH2 official site

    Do you think SE will ever update the english version KH2 site?:confused:
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    the front cover

    does anyone think its weird that riku is not on the front cover of the japenese kingdom hearts 2 box?
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    A question about KH1

    In the beginning of the game when you were at Destiny Islands, Tidus and the other Final Fantasy characters asked questions like, "What is the most important thing to you?" and other questions, how did those answers ,that you gave, affect the outcome of the game?
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    just a question:

    Remember when you started out in in KH1 and you picked out a weapon thing when you were on those glass circles? When you start out as Roxas you do stuff like that too, right? What can you pick from and how does it affect the outcome of the game?
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    What do you think Kingdom Hearts 2 will actually be like?

    What do you think KH2 will actually be like?