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    Help/Support ► May I have your opinion

    ^^ well space isnt really her problem, she still comes up to me and gives me hugs and stuff, and yea we're friends...
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    Help/Support ► May I have your opinion

    It was kinda the latter ^^^....I mean I'm not heartbroken or anything There are other girls I'm interested in but I just wanted some advice I guess, thnx though
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    Help/Support ► May I have your opinion

    Sorry that I haven't posted in a while but i was kinda busy, yea the thing about this girl is she's really friendly with alot of other guys... I mean when she hugs me she has a really sweet smile but Ive seen her do it to like three other guys before and I saw her blowing kisses to some dude she...
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    Help/Support ► May I have your opinion

    okay so there this girl at school and for a while she seemed really into me like she would always call me her boo, give me hugs ask me to go to prom with her in senior year and call me pet names like honey and baby and stuff but lately she's stopped doing all of that and she sometimes won't even...
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    Help/Support ► Career

    I've been having trouble lately in choosing what i want to do for my life. It's not that i have none at all, it's just that i have too many. I want to be: A Game Designer, Lawyer - In Criminal Justice-, A lead Vocalist of a band and SongWriter, and/or an actor. I figure I could string alot of...
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    Zexion's Weapon Discussion

    Re: What are your thought about Zexion's weapon? It's nice, i just wanna see it in true action
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    twilight princess question

    in twilight princess when you do a rotating slash is it true that you can choose whether you want the slash to go clock wise or counter clock wise just by rotating it that way ,and are the graphics for the wii really better thabt the gamecube version pllz and thanx if this thread needs to...
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    I made my nephew mad at me...

    he probably got a hunch i guess ^_~
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    Kyuubi levels

    :) im sorry if someone posted this already but could someone plzz give me a picture of naruto with two tails and three if there are any i checked google but it didnt give results plzz and thank you:) Plzzz answer
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    How was Kh2 for you?

    coulda done better but it was still good
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    Naruto Ultimate Ninja

    i wanted to know what costumes are in this game and waht the difference between kyuubi naruto and normal naruto Pleez dont flame me :cursing:
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    Wii or Gamecube

    i wanna know for what system are you guys gonna get Twilight Princess(for those who are getting it)the Wii or the Gamecube
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    Command In Betwixt And Between

    by the way did anyone use the KHI command from the option screen
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    i hate anti-form i went into it 17 times at the end of the game
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    i jus got the ultima wepon and you should look on the Member Helping Section
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    i've got all the other ingredients for ultima weopon but now all i need is some orchilum+'s where are they? pleeze and thanx:D
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    Ultima Recipe

    were do ya get it pleeze and thaxs
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    How do you unlock the Goddess of Fate Cup?

    wut cup iz after that
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    past memories

    yea its the 100 acre wood one
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    Torn pages