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    whats up

    Wheres the zipper your talking about? ???
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    sora's mother in the organization

    Wouldn't it be funny if this really happened though and all of you were like oh my god!
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    Let's hope

    actually thats a great idea! imagine zues being with you...
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    theroy on how kirai leaves DI

    for the ansem argument thingy, I think it should be pretty obvious that its ansem. They have the excact same voice! its obvious!
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    Which path would you choose?

    Well I would choose dark and If I couldn't choose that then twilight
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    The 10 Confirmed Worlds Of KH2 (u may disagree..but i have proof baby!!!)

    Im not sure if these are confirmed or not, but I belive these worlds will be in the game
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    how will kh2 begin?

    I though it was pretty obvious that you would start in castle oblivion and then they were like what happened or something... I guess it wasn't that obvious.
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    Is it true

    There is no way disney would ever sue se unless they done something bad but so far they are getting along very well as stated in the interviews.
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    BHK's Name

    ummm... maybe his name is bhk?:D But seriously I think its the jap. translation to twilight or between or middle or something.
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    yeah but what he's trying to say is that they made this (deep dive) before com was even an idea so it couldn't be related. But what do I know I havent even beat the game yet(com) :mad:
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    Auron in party: CONFIRMED!

    Well its cool that you have auron in your party but I wouldn't want too many final fintasy characters. Although it would be cool if you could have leon and cloud...
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    I almost beat it twice but on my second file I dont try to get everything like I did one my first file( I got EVERYTHING in my first file)
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    "So it was you Riku"

    Yeah that ancient china at first I didn't notice it but when I look closely and saw symbols and stuff then I realized it was china. Anyway I guess you may meet riku in kh2 in china? I guess.
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    riku and The Orginization

    lol that made my day haha anyway I dont know cause I just bought com three days ago but the games cool... but I still dont know.
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    would it be better

    No I wouldn't like that idea cause he's a villain besided disney rocks (even though it childish but who cares)
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    I rarely reserve games cause I go there the first minute it opens and the day that it comes out. Thats what you guys should do unless you live far away or something.
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    questions..(provided with screenshots)

    hey wait a second... how come in the first picture he can do that move without being in drive mode... probably one of his abilities. I never new that. Yup Im a n00b... Why must I suffer!!!
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    Unknown Cloth's?

    oh yeah good point there handmade I forgot oops lol.
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    Unknown Cloth's?

    Why are they so expensive? I wouldn't want to buy them but thats outrages!!! Or maybe Im wrong I dont know...
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    finally, an official KH site... @square.jp - meh

    oh cool a new site! (not finished new site whatever) Too bad I dont understand japanese though... oh well.