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    Kingdom Hearts BBS

    they cant add Zack Fair because he looks almost identical to Terra. Did they base Terra on Zack, or something?
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    Voice Actors

    i find it hard to assume that Richard Epcar voices Terra...
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    xion who is she and what is shion?

    the inverse key is the key of the realm of darkness. i got that from the game, not my own opinion.
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    Why Xion may have nothing to do with Sora's Memories.

    nice. i love the theory and i was thinking it was Kairi before anyway, but you gave good arguements to support what i felt. To be perfectly honest with everyone, i'm skeptical about any relation between Xion and Kairi/Namine or Aqua
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    xion who is she and what is shion?

    keyblade... Roxas had a keyblade, but no heart... or did he? "You do have a heart, don't you?" -Axel Is a heart really required for a keyblade? If so, how did Roxas get one? Was it Sora's willingness to give up his heart? or was it something else? Xion has a keyblade. How? I think the identity...
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    xion who is she and what is shion?

    i think aqua is dead (explains the armor) Namine is Kairi's Nobody created when Kairi's heart left Sora's body (explained in KHII already) Xion's connection with Kairi is uncertain (if there is a connection at all) Kairi's heart left two bodies. Kairi's at the end of Destiny Island in KHI and...
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    aqua is xion.

    four years for Days? i thought that KH2 gave me a good enough idea of Roxas's backstory. I didn't need to wait for it. Days is an addition to the backstory. If Xion was Aqua, then I would have to wait for a backstory, not an addition to the backstory.
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    aqua is xion.

    i think they need to release a hoodless picture to stop this debate
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    ven theory

    OmniChaos may just be the smartest person on KHinsider
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    aqua is xion.

    you do make a valid point. I was going off a picture i found online that shows a very shadowy image of Xion's face under the hood from a ways away, but you can still make out all her facial features, but it is still hard to see. I guess Aqua could possibly be Xion, but why would they show Xion...
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    aqua is xion.

    that is a good point, but Aqua would have to be at least 26 by that time and the part you can see under the hood has me convinced that she 14 at least, 16 at most.
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    aqua is xion.

    I got 14 from a KH fan that said from what we have seen, Xion appears to be the age of Kairi in KHI, which i believe is 14. Correct me if I'm wrong.
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    ven theory

    I don't feel like Terra could be MX. We've already been told that he is an all new character. As for the erase me part, I'm starting to wonder if that's an important part of the story or just something taken out of context in trailers to add mystery and excitement.
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    aqua is xion.

    the problem with aqua=xion theories is that Aqua looks 16 in BBS trailer while 10 yrs later Xion looks 14.
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    BBS Prince's

    in KH1 the princesses of heart appear to be the age that they are during their disney movie appearance, so since BBS is ten yrs earlier, the princesses are younger and therefore the princes factor doesn't apply
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    Everything We Know About XIV/Xion So Far

    IF they actually showed the kingdom key in a trailer, then it was probably because out of all the keyblades the KK looks the most like an actual key. Xion's keyblade may be real and it may be fake, but there is definitely not enough evidence to confirm either. by the way, Aqua looked older than...
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    Everything We Know About Unbirths So Far

    this might sound kinda crazy, but the small one looks kinda like a neoshadow and the large on looks like one of the fat heartless from KH1
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    Who are you Xion?

    i think the Roxas=Sora w/ "x" and Xemnas= Ansem w/ "x" thing is just something put in KHII as an easter egg of sorts. "Xion" may have nothing to do with the name of her somebody. Think about it. Axel= lea(?) w/ an x? So is Axel's somebody named Lea, who would probably be a girl? What about...
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    Unbirth and DS theory

    I think that DS is the unbirth of MX and DS becomes Ansem/Xehanort in KH1. Think about if, "Xehanort", if that is his real name, stole the name Ansem. could he of stole the name Xehanort, too?
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    Just wondering...

    i rewatched that cutscene many times, it wasnt a crown. i think it is the chaser symbol