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    Favourite FF song of all time

    Whats your favourite FF song? Mine would have to be To Zanerkand - FFX, what's yours?
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    Fanfiction ► True Destiny II

    True Destiny© II...
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    Rate KH2!

    As most of you well know, KH2 is coming out in Europe on the 28-29th of September, I can't tell you how much I've been wanting it but after seeing the video review from IGN, it's astonishingly put me straight on the fence.... (i knew i shouldn't have listened to it) DO you think they were too...
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 European Release Date Discussion

    Please don't annoy me :thumbdown: I hate the way Europe is always last...
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    Axel all da way, he would own marl
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    well you dont really but it helps explain why everyones a year older and what happend during that year to Sora, Riku and co and you get to know king micky and Riku more. It also introduces the 13th order ect...
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    Action replay MAX is a powerful cheat code system and video game enhancer that goes into your console which then in turn loads special cheat codes unto the system and you can then access thousands of specially created PowerSaves for games, all you have to look for is the game your playing and...
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    KH2 Time

    Well altogether ive spent a grand total of 0 hours playin KH2 since its not ouy here yet and please no ' i feel sorry for you guys in europe' crap, i pray it'll be soon...
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    It's Official KH2 is Amazing!

    Well after all its budget was huge, thanks to the large success of its predecessors plus with all the time they had and with a great guys like Nomura working with them the whole series is bound to get some, if not alot, of good recognition.
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    what is your most hated keyblade

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Ye the rambling rose was bad, i hate it soo much.
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    most hated boss

    All the bosses were pretty blain and predictable but if i had have to pick one i id go for the stupid and annoying riku #4
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    Favourite World?

    Im pretty sure he meant CoM since its in the CoM board. You didnt get to fly in neverland... anyways there all pretty blain and the same, if i had to choose one id go for destiny island, since you got to see all your old friends again.
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    RIP Rebecca

    As a mark of respect I would like to dedicate this thread to someone I know who has died in school by means of suicide, please do not delete this thread for a while, just to remember Rebecca. RIP... Thank you
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    KH2 Dilema

    http://www.allmodchip.com/PS2_Swap_Magic_32_PAL_p_16145.html I've found this site, it has everything i need but ill also need a PS2 slide card too. "This item requires the use of a PS2 Slide Card" - what are they?
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    KH2 Dilema

    Thank you so much, im definatly gonna get a swap magic card, but will i still be able to play PAL games after it? Is there any websites where i can get a swap magic card?
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    KH2 Dilema

    I have all the time in the world and money is not an issue. I do anything to get KH2 as soon as I can.
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    KH2 Dilema

    I know it totally sucks, but i think there is a difference between the consoles, anyone else have any idea?
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    KH2 Dilema

    Since the release date for America is set for 28th of march, i've been pondering this for quite some time and sometimes i do get frustrated since im from Ireland but is there any way i could import NA KH2 to play on my european console? As news has it KH2 will not be entering Europe until late...
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    A remake of KH2?

    hmmm, interesting comment i dont think, i wouldnt worry because if they plan to do that then it wont be for another few years so i would just buy it...