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    Lulu and Rikku

    Irvine's from FF8. ^_~
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    Lulu and Rikku

    Can I have a link to where you got that quote? ^_^;
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    Lulu and Rikku

    Hmm, it'd help if you weren't such an ass about it. ^_^; I typed that in a nice way, it's just my opinion, you can critize me for it, but that's just the way I think. That's just what I thought, I could give less of a crap if you don't approve of my opinions. I doubt it NOT only because of the...
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    Lulu and Rikku

    I seriously doubt Rikku being in KH2, even though she's my favorite character. First of all, in my opinion, Yuffie already stole Rikku's clothes and her personality (as with Cloud and Vincent... <_<;), I mean now these two girls are basically the same person with a different appearance. One of...
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    Final Fantasy Worlds In KH2

    Ah, there's a place in FFX that'd do good; the Farplane! ^.^ Personally, I'd be suprised if Vincent and Rikku are in the game, since they were both supposed to be in the first one, but got replaced. I mean, Cloud already stole Vincent's clothes and his personality, and Yuffie did almost the same...
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    optional bosses pt2

    ...-_-; In KH there was no one from FF9 or any of the FFs below 7 because Nomura didn't make those characters, Amano did, so unless Amano works on KH2, I highly doubt seeing any FF9 characters/bosses or any FF6 and below characters and bosses. Thank you. Personally, I think Ultimecia would do...
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    New Opening Song of KH2 is..?

    I love Another Side, thnx for whoever got the link to it! ^.^ That'd make the perfect opening song. As for the opening theme, I'm hoping they either keep it Simple and Clean, or use another one of Utada's songs...like Colors, that'd fit well.
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    Who bought the Kingdom Hearts Strategy Guide?

    I bought it...but I lost it. ;_;
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    Final Fantasy Worlds In KH2

    Yeah, but what kinda plot would Zanarkand have? -_-;
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    Final Fantasy Worlds In KH2

    Okay, here's the places I left out and the places I don't want.... Wutai- I looooove Wutai so much, but what really made Wutai great was because Yuffie was there, and Yuffie's from Hallow Bastion...and we kinda already have Ancient China for more of an oriental place, and I don't think you...
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    Final Fantasy Worlds In KH2

    The places I think work are Midgar, Deling City, Gold Saucer, and Edea's Orphanage. Whenever I think of the places I think of Sora, Donald, and Goofy running around that world battling or something, if those places merge together to create one world, that'd be awesome to me. Midgar would...
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    KH2 Dream...? o_O

    Actually, Advent Children's going to be released in Japan and America at the same time.
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    1st annual KH2 Joke-Off!

    w00t! This' fun! Me: TODAY ON KH INTERVIEWS AND CRAP I WISH I COULD COME UP WITH A CATCHIER TITLE BUT I SUCK AT BEGINNINGS OF JOKES. Sora: ...wtf? Me: It’s also called KIACIWICCUWACTBISABOJ. Rolls right off the tongue, right? Sora: ...sure. Me: Today I’m interviewing a set of random people I...
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    Axel's Award Winning Performance

    omg, I love you. BEST. PLOT. EVER. XD ~wonders what Axel will do~ That makes me think he'll die eventually for some reason. <_<
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    Is it just me or is KH2 seeming less...KHish

    I feel the same as you (with the exception of the Lion King world, I'm looking forward to that), Heartless. When I first heard of the PoTC I was like 'o__0' but then I thought about it and I think it'll be either a great world or a bad world, I'm just praying. Now Steamboat Willie, I HAVE NO...
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    Awww...I don't want anyone to die, to me it doesn't seem like anyone would die in KH2, only minor characters or bad guys. (spoiler) If Aerith dies then I'm going to be laughing, confused, and crying at the same time. XD That's actually a pretty good idea now that I think about it... But Aerith...
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    Axel's Award Winning Performance

    That makes me wanna see KH2 that much more...I can only guess what kind of past Axel had or his true intentions...I think he'll be that much more awesome either way. ^_^
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    Intro 2 Kingdom Hearts 2

    I think KH2'll start out kinda like KH1 where in this time it begins with BHK's awakening instead of Sora. :)
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    theory on shells.

    The only part I agree with is that DiZ is Ansem's shell...the rest has probably been said 1000 times; Namine and BHK both have hearts, they can't be shells.
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    heard the actor who does sora's voice

    I have Windows Media Player and all that stuff....where's the link to the gameplay thingys? ^.^