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    Least Favorite Boos/Sub-boss?

    The only boss I really had trouble with was the first ursula fight. The only reason I couldn't do it was because I didn't know what to do to that damn pot!
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    Who vs. Who

    In this game the poster lists two people (real or fictional [doesn't have to be from KH]). The next poster says who of the two would win. Explain why if you wish. The poster then makes his/her own "Who vs. Who" I'll start. Ansem vs. Sephiroth
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    Evil Poptart, good theory; I like that. 'Could be right.....
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    Ending Quote of New Trailer

    That's exactly what I was thinking. I agree that it is Sora and BHK, or anybody in a similar situation.
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    KH Manga out in October

    CAN'T WAIT; i almost preordered one a few days ago, but i decided to wait (didn't wanna pay shipping and i kinda don't have a credit card) :D
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    Kingdom Heats 2 for the DS?

    I agree, it's not real. But if they were to make it for the PSP, I would be forced to buy one!
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    Whats the stupidest thing you ever did in KH?

    * I deleted my 70 hour game by accident!!! * The first time I played it I couldnt figure out how to get past Wonderland for a loooong time... I couldnt figure out what to do! * I stopped playing for months because i didn't know where to go in Tarzan World * I stopped for more months cause i...
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    Diz Really Is Ansem!!!!!!!!

    who's the guy in the hood from deep dive.... he also has yellow shiny eye.... is that diz?
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    More CG movies in KH2

    I was thinkin the same thing about FFX. I agree.
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    Can some one please tell how to beat the Riku Clone?

    When you get into dark mode, try to use your 9-9-9 sleight. If you are going to use the shooting orb slight, make sure you don't miss. Other than that, all I can really tell you is just keep hacking away, and when you see that the clone is getting ready to use a sleight, quickly get to a 0 card...
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    More CG movies in KH2

    ROAR IM NO NOOB.... any amount of info can be release about a new game... i was just wondering jeez....
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    More CG movies in KH2

    did you juss call me a NOOB?!?!?
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    More CG movies in KH2

    Anybody here anything about there being more good CG movies in KH2? (There were only 2 in the first) :mad: Edit: sorry 3 (i fergot about the extra vid)
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    KH2's music

    maybe go with sumthin like the beginning of FFX.... hope there's more CG movies too!
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    Kh Trailers?

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    Air Spell and a New Dodge Move

    Good point.... that must hurt.... split and keyblade in the balls :eek: (hehe)
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    white trinity in wonderland

    It says it here > http://www.bellaonline.com/gaming/strategy_lib_khwalk_b4.html < It's kinda confusing, but i hope it helps!
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    What part made you crack up?

    Haha, I agree with Princess Leo - - Tarzan getting hit by the tree branch! MUAHAHA
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    Air Spell and a New Dodge Move

    That "dodge" as you say it is, doesn't look like a dodge, it looks like Sora is just landing from mid-air. It could be the "safe-landing" move. (and wtf is Sora doing with that keyblade?!?)
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    wtuz E3 and wut does it have to do w/ ...

    yes and E3 should reveal TONS more about the game (and other new games) too