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    kh2 starting ff7

    Yeah exactly. Same characters... completely different lives and backgrounds.
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    Sephiroth's english voice!!!!

    Idk... I just didn't imagine Sephiroth's voice being that light I suppose. I'm a little disapointed... but eh, I'm sure I'll get use to it. Will he be doing the voice for Sephiroth in AC to?
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    Xenmas new coat

    Gah... forms forms forms O_O Why must they all have forms? lol
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    did u know (contains one spoiler)

    Who is Brittany Snow anyways? An actor?
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    Organization Tomb pics

    Ah... then there'd better be a KH3... That's just too big a of a mystery to leave unexplained. Nomura said there'd be less mysteries left at the end of KH2 then in the first game, but.. it doesn't look that way to me.
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    If -No Spoilers In Titles- wasnt the superior.....

    Either Saix or Marluxia.... Xigbar doesn't really seem like the leaderish type to me. I mean he's number 2 in the Org, but Saix acted more as second in command.
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    Organization Tomb pics

    This thing with Zexion is confusing. Why wouldn't they reveal his weapon in KH2... I mean, he's a KH CoM character... I just don't get it.
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    Does Kairi Have -No Spoilers In Titles-

    Roxas has no "special outfit" but he can still split the keyblade. A keyblade is energy... somehow Roxas has learned to split that energy in half. With his drive forms Sora borrows the energy of his allies(they don't fuse dangit!) so he too is able to split apart his keyblade into two.... so...
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    Why Can't Kairi Spell?

    Yeah I'm pretty sure that's a poem... but then with the handwriting thing... idk. Maybe she was trying to be artistic about it. She had just gotten out of school it seemed... maybe she made it in some sort of art class?
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    Does Kairi Have -No Spoilers In Titles-

    You know how Roxas can split the keyblade into two keyblades? I think Riku might have done the same, and that was the keyblade he gave Kairi. It would explain why she doesn't have it anymore during the last part of the game... and itd also explain why Riku was having trouble fighting against...
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    Don't know if this is a spolier but......

    Didn't David do Riku's voice in the last game?
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    roxas...i guess

    Um... I don't really think that term applies to this topic because cloudslover isn't going "Omg guess what? You get to play as Roxas in the begining of KH2!!" No.. they're just asking if this is true. So yeah...
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    Xemnas's and Xigbar's elements

    I heard a while back, that Xemnas's element was darkness as Roxas's element was light. If not, then his element is probably twilight or something...
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    Make up your Own KH2 World!

    I suppose I've always thought an Inuyasha world would be cool. Or SpongeBob.
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    It's confirmed: No Billy Zane in KH2 (minor spoilers)

    Oh okay..... well that stinks. I mean even if they couldn't book Billy Zane... that voice sounds nothing like the org Ansem.
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    Demyx is officially the coolest

    Lol, I can't wait to hear him in the english version of the game... Hmm right now... my favorite Orginization member is either Axel or Demyx... not sure yet.
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    It's confirmed: No Billy Zane in KH2 (minor spoilers)

    Wait... are you guys sure Riku's SUPPOSE to sound like Xehanort? True he's stuck in the form of Xehanort for a while, but in the World That Never Was it sounds like he has his own voice even while in his Xehanort form.... So maybe his voice doesn't change while he's in his Xehanort form and he...
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    New KH2 US Extras! SPOILERS

    Re: New KH2 US Extras! Well it's no suprise that some new scenes were added.. or some scenes were extended. Hmm... you think this could mean extra boss fights or enemies or weapons?
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    Funny KH video.

    ........Omg, I don't think that video was ment to be funny. Was it?
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    sora memories in other worlds.

    .....I don't get it.