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    Days + BbS Themes

    xion wasnt even trying to absorb roxas. she was just pretending to do so so that roxas could finish her off so she can go back to sora.
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    the similarity

    its when terra saw sora calling riku to go back to the main islands with him and terra asked riku not to tell anything to sora because it would cancel the spell
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    the similarity

    and terra told riku about a "spell" he puts on him just like how aqua told kairi that she put a protective "spell" on her...
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    New BBS Developer Interview Snippets

    i still find aqua very pretty nonetheless. haha and dang it they should've made the game a PS2 game :(
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    My theory on Destiny Place

    i thought it was called destiny blade, not place
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    the changes they made since the first bbs trailer

    theres a scene where terra and ven talked about how ven saved terra in the past or whatever i havent really seen that yet in the playthroughs
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    Official Birth by Sleep Translation Request Thread

    thank you. i wonder how that scene came up...
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    Official Birth by Sleep Translation Request Thread

    theres a video of the silver haired man on destiny island posted up by KH13, he only has one line. can someone go check that out and translate it please :)
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    Mickey keychain

    maybe xion was absorbing Ven's memories through roxas and sora, and with her demise she transfered that part back into roxas enabling him to dual wield. since now roxas would have had sora's keyblade and xion's( ven's memories/ heart (whatever)) keyblade.
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    there was a scene where terra supposedly saw flashes of what would happen later in the keyblade graveyard with vanitas trying to stab aqua and all that. i dont remember what scene that is exactly but im VERY positive ive seen it
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    i think for xion's case, memories of the keyblade alone can be used as a substitute for a heart in a way. but i dont think its right tho
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    Is anyone else annoyed...

    i think that the apprentices got corrupted by braig later on, turning them into the evil bastards they are in kh2. braig probably planned stuff about darkness with MX ( who was the mastermind) but braig definitely put it in motion for MX since terranort lost his memories, they're both equally...
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    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    sora is kind of a connection whore haha
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    Roxas in CO

    i think maybe a part of ven might have been calling to roxas as a means to getting it back or i guess like making roxas return to his real original self or something like that. who knows tho
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    MX's intentions

    i think xehanort thought that terra was attractive and buff so he wanted to be him? LOL JK
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    i totally want to see the scene where aqua dives into the realm of darkness and stuff. does anyone have that? thank you. to me it seems like Aqua is probably the best keyblade master and a true heroin as she whoops everyone else' ass, staying alive and surviving all the those years in the darkness.
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    oh shit the guardian really is MX's keyblade lol
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    Birth by Sleep Keyblades

    so why does riku have kairi's keyblade 11 years from BBS?
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    growth system

    Re: the aging system? ahh i see thank you. and sorry for calling u "dude" just a habit.
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    growth system

    Re: the aging system? no dude, just the 3 characters u get to play as. not anyone else. i heard that somehow they'd be growing or something like that