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    i need help bad...

    doesn't really matter.. anything does the trick.. butttt i guess the best would be blizzard
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    help with assasins

    yea.. equip LuckyLucky ability on everyone that has it as well.. and the luckylucky ring
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    Ultima Weapon

    you dont need 13.. you need 7 and a energy crystal, and moogle levl 2 to use energy crystal (energy crystal cuts cost by 1/2).. and dont post saying "duhhh.. im too lazy" because thats everyones reason for posting these stupi dthreads.. its actually probably easier to look at the stickies which...
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    help with assasins

    go to the proof of existance room and go to the room before. 4 assassins will spawn there
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    i need help bad...

    try using magic.. it takes care of em easy.. or you can quickly jump behind em and swing away, remember to use reaction cmmands
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    Blood in kh2

    Barbossa drinks wine and it runs down thru his bones.. the blood is the blood to be repayed with will and elizabeth
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    Easy Leveling of Drive Forms and Summons

    no problem guys :P i just want this to get stickied so i dont have to revive it once a day for people to see : /
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    .hack//sign download?

    anyone know where I can download all the .hack//sign episodes? I played the games and liked em, but the anime looks cool too.. anyone know a place i can download them all? (if its a torrent file your sending me and tell me how to use torrent files XD lol.. i have bitTorrent, but don't know how...
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    Secret Kh2 commercial msg?

    man... thats cool, never noticed it.. i always thought that was just japanese XD
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    final fantasy games

    Are 1-6 any good? I have played 7, 8, 9, 10, 10-2, and 11 I loved 7, 8 was decent, 9 i loved, 10 i loved, 10-2 was ok, and 11 sucked (i playWoW now : ) ) So would I like 1-6? If so which ones are the best and what system are they on/where can i get them? I think i remember trying FF1 on a GBA...
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    Easy Leveling of Drive Forms and Summons

    glad to know it helped you.. hopefully some other people will read it and stop asking questions about leveling forms and summons : / should also take care of questions on getting final
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    FAQ: How to Beat Sephiroth

    nah.. there cant be anything you missed since it is a compilation of everyone's strategies.. an intro would be nice tho.. like: After you get to this point in the game blah blah Sephy becomes available to fight blah blah and you find him at the dark depths which is beyond the crystal fissure...
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    Fenrir - Ultima Weapon - Other

    woops, lol: meant to say Main: Fenrir Valor: Oblivion Master: Oathkeeper Final: Ultima haha
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    Torn Pages.

    just play through the story.. they are located in BIGGGGG treasure chests.. they are really hard to miss
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    Easy Leveling of Drive Forms and Summons

    ok, added that to the strategy too : ) your a big hit on my thread Caminee :P your name is in red twice! this thread should be stickied : )
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    Fenrir - Ultima Weapon - Other

    i do: Main: Fenrir Valor: Oblivion Master: Oathkeeper Final: Fenrir
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    Easy Leveling of Drive Forms and Summons

    lol, ok, ill add that to then.. better than the strat. i came up with : )
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    Easy Leveling of Drive Forms and Summons

    are you sure this works or guessing it works? I didn't know you could turn final during a cup..
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    Fenrir - Ultima Weapon - Other

    I use Fenrir.. the negative combo doesn't even phase me, since I already use 2 combo+s. Plus, its fun to equip Fenrir and neg. combo ability so every move is a finisher :P
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    Easy Leveling of Drive Forms and Summons

    ok, thats good.. ill just copy and paste that right in.