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    Zeus's Thunder is a spell that you get from the Coliseum. -___-;
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    I think there will definately be new Keyblades.
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    Is it just me or is KH2 seeming less...KHish

    I know what you mean,but I think S-E knows what they're doing. I'm sure there will be a few let downs though.
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    Main Menu level selection in kh2

    I'm pretty sure this was just for the demo,the final product will most definately not look like that.
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    Interview with Nomura.

    You're quite welcome. =]
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    Interview with Nomura.

    Credits go to www.kh2.co.uk for posting this. A video interview with Nomura.You don't actually get to see him,they say hes "camera shy."Anways,you can plainly see that the girl doing the interview has absolutley no clue about what shes talking about,it's kinda funny. Although they don't...
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    Did u notice this in the kh2 trailers?

    You're just now noticing this?O__o;
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    Notice on the attcack menu that...

    Bushido is just a special move Auron and Sora use together. =]
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    I read somewhere that Cloud has been confirmed to be in KH2. =]
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    They did an awsome job on it. I'd buy it if it wasn't so damn expensive. =[
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    Axel related.

    My guess would be he lost someone close to him. ;~;
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    Axel related.

    This is an interview with Tetsuya Nomura.(sp?)In it we see him talking about who his favorite Org. member is.He says something about Axel that makes me more interested in him. "You could cry?"Interesting....... In the newly introduced "Org." members, which is your favorite? A: I guess that...
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    6 New Worlds False!!!

    For the love of everything,make the text smaller. -__-;
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    News to me?._.

    Ok,I sit around all day trying to find the newest KH2 info as well as the next person,but today I found some old news that was new to me.Well it's not all new to me,just the changing partners part,the magic up part,and the drive part. Sorry if this is old news to anyone. From GameFAQ's.com...
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    Square isn't talking...

    Neither of those links work.
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    Level System??

    In the upper left corner you can see "Next Level."So there is indeed a leveling system. =]
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    New Organization member

    That link isn't working. =[
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    Is E3 Tomorow?!?

    Starts the 17th. Which is today because it's 5 A.M. where I live. Lmao.=]
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    Sora+Donald=A REALLY fast Sora

    I think his feet glowing is just an after effect of the Transformation. =]
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    *Jack Sparrow Confirmed!*

    I'm very interested to see how he looks. =]