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    Whats the Max HP you can get in the game?

    Highest HP is 120, Highest MP is 140 AP, Strength, Defense is 200 I belive? Or is it 999 o.O
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    Leveling up your Summons.

    This is what I do. Summon Chicken Little, do his limit, end it right away, and keep on doing it. Then resummon him, and do the same thing. And then refill your gauge. It's good to do this at olympus coliseum, and then enter a tournament, and leave. You'll get your drive gauge back. Remember...
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    Fastest Proud Time?

    He wasn't talking to you nite -_- Edit: oops On standard, I beat the last boss at 27 hours, but I'm not even 100% yet, and im 51 hours. Now on proud, I skipped every single cut scene, so I'm at halloween town, in only 8 hours! :D
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    Me pwning sephiroth, Standard, NO HEAL o.o

    Very nice vid, next time use youtube XD Holy crap, that is the best strategy ever. FLOATING ON TOP OF HIS ATTACKS! YOU ARE A GENIOUS!
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    Walkthrough/FAQ On How To Beat Xemnas (Note: Contains spoilers:()

    The big font is very annoying
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    destiny island gang...the usual spots?!

    I thought Olette was Selphie too XD but then I thought about it, and Tidus nor Wakka was fat. So it was just new characters :D
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    Anyone in track? I am, this is my first year ^^ I'm a 7th grader. I am a sprinter and jumper. I'm doing the 4x100 relay, 4x400 relay and possibly the long jump, I don't know. In the 4x100 relay, my team got 57 seconds. Pretty good for my age. In the 4x400 relay, my team got 4 minutes and 58...
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    Poster Duty, and Struggle Help.

    Oh, sorry, that was way eariler, I was being kind of cocky
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    How to beat Hades Paradox Cup

    I used Trinity Limit on like every level 10 boss, pete, tifa and yufife, etc. It's very helpful
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    Pleasee help me im dying!

    Read my guide ;) http://forums.khinsider.com/showthread.php?t=53052
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    regular orichalcums

    Yeah, from Bulky Vendors. They will lose HP every second. The less HP they have, the rarer chance of a rare item, such as the Orichucum
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    Poster Duty, and Struggle Help.

    No, no! Watch my video, it pwns more. and for the struggle battle, battle Hayner 10 times, then you can fight Setzer. Then fight Setzer 10 times, to unlock Seifer.
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    please help (if u have a heart!)

    Just use Stitch, and use Ohana, and mash the square button.
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    twilght thorn

    Haha, probably Darkside's nobody, who know's
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    Final Battle---Anyone have tips? Extreme help needed greatly!

    Glide to a floating building, and use a reaction command. Then, after that, glide to him, and fight him. This will happen about 2-3 times. Then you'll fight his next form. And session helps, just don't use it when he barricades himself in the barrier, you'll just be wasting your time. woolah :D
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    Problems with the strategy guide?

    That's why, you reserve and get the Jiminy Journal... It tells you where every item is...
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    My Guide To Summons *Spoilers*

    My Guide to Summons Yep, another guide. I just want to help people out. Remember, these are my guides, don't copy without permission, and argue all you want. In Kingdom Hearts II, there are summons you can use. Each one with their own special techniques and qualities. In this guide, I will be...
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    whats more important?

    Aerial Dodge was the most important ability for me. Without it, I wouldn't be able to reach him when he did Heartless angel sin harvest
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    Missing treasure from land of dragons!!!

    XD, check EVERYWHERE in the throne room ;)
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    Ability Help!

    I don't know, probably Aerial Finish?? =|