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    Hmm what if Xion is like Sora's memory of the people of importance in KH . it could be memories of Kairi and Ansem-Rikku combined. that would explain her tan skin (like Ansems)
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    kh2 on ps3?

    careful though. some other ps2 games might not work on the PS3 and plus youll need to buy a memory card adapter so u can transfer your save data's to the PS3
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    Just Wondering....?

    umm think its a rumor becoming a reality. people are talking bout it seriously so just wait and see i surpose
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    Organization...not too smart?

    i was just wondering the Org were trying to make a giant heart to get hearts themselves right? then why didn't they go after the princesses? this probably ends up being a stupid question. but hey im a pretty stupid guy lol
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    yen sid's secret

    i always thought that castle had a bad vibe (lol i sound like a hippy) i think they sound put him as an important character otherwise Mickey will be the only one in BBS
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    Nomura Confirmed only two ways to travel between worlds, so...

    maybe they use some sort of transport with wheels. because on some of the gummi ship routes in kh2 there are ancient roads. Or perhaps they use a train like the one that takes you to Yen sid's castle. just some thoughts
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    Dam Wii Fans

    Just wondering. whos sick of dam Wii fans saying stuff like. "OMG KH would be so cool on Wii. you could like swing the remote to attack with the keyblade! Yea lets just kill the whole originality of the KH battle system! :thumbdown: i hope im not they only one whos sick of this :bored:
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    The Rules of The Keyblade Bearers and Masters, possibly shown in BBS?

    thing is though. Every world Sora and co, theystuck their nose into that worlds problems and nothing bad happened. i think they need to do a world where consequences for Sora helping out is showed
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    New BBS Interview

    :lol: and they say getting drunks a bad thing!
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    New BBS Interview

    BBS is gona be awesome! i cant wait to go to olympis. i wonder if they will let you got to places like Disney castle and twighlight town?
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    New symbol?

    yet........................................ i had to add so many dots to get past the minimum 25 characters per post :blush:
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    the intro and how he got there.

    I always thought that its was some path just outside of Disney Castle and oblivion castle was in the world in which the dark portals go through, "the world in between" or something like that and the Org member pushed Sora and co into a dark portal
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    Interesting pictures

    ok well i was studying carefully the pictures from the scans on the games. i wasnt too interested in coded or 358/2 days, bout i found some rather interesting things in the BBS scans first of all (and probally the most important) was the emblem i saw on Ven and Terra's clothes...
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    Roxas and Ven resemblance (Don't flame)

    Bloody hell starting threads like this should be as bad as swearing on a forum! If you can read then you would know that normua said the 3 characters (Ven Terra and Aqua) are neeeeeewwww. im thinking hes related to him somehow because the clothes and all but he positivley is not Roxas! ok...
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    The name "Xehonart" theory

    ok i got a theory on how Terra took the name of Xehonart.. :idea: What if Xehonart wasnt a name, but a rank. Considering that this is set near the "Keyblade War" im thinking Xehonart is a rank like Commander or Major in the army. It would make sense since U.E.M's called "Master Xehonart" because...
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    Roxas and Ven, Twins?

    Ok i just had a thought. now we all should know by now that ROXAS ISNT VEN! and yet we keep seeing threads about it. Noruma's has clearly stated they aint the same people, but, what if they are twins? im thinking that maybe Ven (or Roxas) is a nobody of both Sora's and Kairi's heart? At the...
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    Way to Dawn Confusion

    Dunno if anyones already noticed this, but if the Way To Dawn Keyblade is ment to be for Twighlight, then why is its keychain the Heartless symbol?? Wouldnt that make it Darkness?? :confused:
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    Purple orb = Vens Heart?

    Just a thought here it said that Hearts are needed to open Kingdom Hearts correct? and yet Bald guy manages to open it with a random purple orb. how?? i was just thinking, what if the purple orb is a heart? but then the question is whos hearts would it be?? :confused: im thinking maybe Ven's...
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    Sunset Horizon<--> Twighlight Town?

    I was walking through the station at twighlight town the other day and i decided to have a look at the veiw ( yea i was bored :lol:) but i noticed right out to the far left that there was a brown, sandy lookin mountain and abit of a flat land. when i looked at it carefully it reminded me of the...
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    Xehonart NEVER actually lost memory??

    I was just playing good old KH1 and decided to read the ansem reports. I managed to find something rather interesting in the first line of the reports! It says..