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    Fanfiction ► Between the Rift

    I hope I don't get yelled at for this this'll be my only post. I just saw this on the guy's sig and this looks like a story, so is there any forum here where you can submit your own original stories? Like non-FF just your own work?
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    Help/Support ► Whoa! friend issues

    I gotta be brutally honest, you're friend's stupid. Anyone who thinks they can "punish" you, be mad at you for something you didn't do wrong, and says you can make it up to her by giving her money (although there is nothing to make up) and calls you her FRIEND? SHE'S STUPID! I'd end the...
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    Can you imagine heaven?

    If you believe in it, what do you think God's new heaven will be like? I know this is kind of generic, but I found this book that this man wrote saying what he firmly believes heaven will be like and he bases it all on the bible. See, according to what he's said, there are many christians out...
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    God of War II

    it got a 9.7 out of 10 on IGN! that must show something about it. I don't know about you, but I think this game's going to be best action game yet. Awesome graphics and gameplay, with a kool storyline. Do you think this game will be great? Are you getting it? Let me know.
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    Help/Support ► All the guys , later admit there gay!!HELP

    whoa first of all, thats scary all the thirteen year old boys are admitting theyre GAY?! jeez! secondly, yeah why are you worrying about this at 13 are you some premature aged person or what because no dam 13 year old girl around here where i live would be having five bfs thats just wrong youre...
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    Help/Support ► My Fear of Spiders.

    i dont know how yo can grab its legs anyways theyre too small. I just pinch its body between my fingers with tissue paper and throw it out the house if i'm really scared.
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    Royal Form! (its never gonna happen but isnt it beuatiful?)

    it would've looked better if you gave him kingdomkey that keyblade looks kinda weird the whole overall thing is okay i guess the face looks too messed up and anime-ish and his hair's too light. you shoulda given him a drive symbol on his legs like valor's is a saints crest and wisdom is blue...
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    Help/Support ► My Fear of Spiders.

    yes, in fact the average person in the us swallows 3 spiders in one year. they just crawl down your throat
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    Help/Support ► My Fear of Spiders.

    i have arachnphobia too but i learned to handle it. try to remember that spiders won't hurt you in any way. in fact, they help you by eating WORSE things like centipedes and roaches and silverfish. also, they don't live too long. if you run into one and you're that scared just go to the other...
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    Help/Support ► A very sad time

    well, you can continue to grieve on about your dog's loss, or you can get another dog to raise. i know no other dog can be exactly like he was, but if you really put your heart into raising him you'll like him and he can help your sadness. it's worth a try.
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    Ultimate Debate: Sora vs. Riku

    many people are on each side, and there have been many agruments, but this ends here. let's now decide who would defeat who: sora, the hero of light, or riku, the wielder of darkness? i'll start off: sora would win, because he has drive abilities and magic and different keyblades, plus he beat...
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    Neverwinter Nights 2

    i don't know many people who've played the game where i live but i did and i thought it was awesome! I thought they were done making this game but now that they're makin a sequel i want it so badly! i don't know what its gonna have though no info's been released i think.lemme know if there has...
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    Marluxia's Nobody?

    whoa how was ansem easy i thought he was hard as hell! yeah i want a cooler axel fight too that last one wasn't what i thoughtt it'd be
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    Marluxia's Nobody?

    what hell no the scythe battle was fun but the spectre one was AWESOME! but easy too. I definitely want it in the remake!!!
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    Kingdom Form?

    no no no thats just too corny
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    Jet Li's Fearless

    Did anyone see that movie Fearless? i saw it and thought it was pretty awesome. what did u think?
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    Drive form possiblities

    holy ****in $h*t! did you MAKE that?!?! that looks awesome!!! WOW i have never seen anything so dam detailed! thats so kool it looks like it could be an actual model from the game!!! and as to the world specific forms, maybe there could be one form that just looks slightly different for every...
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    Drive form possiblities

    wow that sounds awesome a form with riku either that or a nobody form with roxas those would both be kool but i dont know what colors they'd be cuz theres already a dark form and a white form which would be the obvious colors
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    Knights/Warriors/Secret Ending

    hey when did he ever say it was in the past that would be dumb cuz sora might not be in it god i hope it isnt but who knows it could go anywhere
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    Original Voices and such

    hey i know about this but idk where it is to sign it can smoeone plz post a link? thank u if u can