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  1. Katurian

    temporary hiatus

    Hi everyone, So not many ppl here no me but for those of you who do in rp area, I'm sorry for me not being around lately. I'm not gonna be coming back on here regularly or frequently for awhile. Last semester an ex boyfriend of mine died and just this week my friend from home died. Im just...
  2. Katurian

    Help/Support ► Probably getting kicked out soon and I need some advice on where to go.

    Hey, so I was kicked out of my house when I was 16 (I'm 20 now). Even though I was legally a minor and their dependent, my parents didn't care and asked me to leave. It was for a lot of reasons that just built up over time. Thankfully my grandma paid for my education so even though I wasn't...
  3. Katurian

    Help/Support ► no oujia board in my household

    Yep yep yep. Exactly. You honestly have nothing to worry about. Let your sibling get all scared and paranoid. You'll be fine :D
  4. Katurian

    Help/Support ► no oujia board in my household

    My little sister and I used to use my older sister's oijia board all the time. We tried to talk to my grandpa who passed away when I was in fourth grade. It never worked and nothing ever happened to either of us. We're both pretty normal and awesome college girls as far as I can tell. Plus...
  5. Katurian

    Help/Support ► Dealing with Loss

    Thanks everyone. I read all of you're advice and I have been working through things over the last couple of weeks. Things are going a lot better, although there are still a lot of tihngs that remind me of both of them. I'm just living life day by day and I did open up to a friend of mine here...
  6. Katurian

    The World Ends With You Solo Remix Finally Returns to the App Store

    Re: The World Ends with You I was almost done with the game then my not so smart dog nommed on the game card hard core >_< He eated it all up and I don't want to buy a new copy only to have to start from scratch
  7. Katurian

    Help/Support ► Dealing with Loss

    Thanks everyone. I know I should talk to someone and I tried to talk to my guyfriend thing but he blew me off and said he had his own problems to deal with... I recently moved to Chicago to live on my own so most of my good friends and all of my family live back home and my room mate has...
  8. Katurian

    Help/Support ► Dealing with Loss

    Okay, so I really don't want be depressing or anything, but a really good friend of mine committed suicide 3 weeks ago and then a week ago today my other friend, his girlfriend, also committed suicide. I feel really dumb because I have always been the strong friend who was there for people when...
  9. Katurian

    Help/Support ► I am lousy person

    I haven't had a good relationship with my parents for the last couple of years. I have been kicked out for my behavior. People are always willing to forgive, dont' forget that. I treated my parents so disrespectfully but they still forgave me. It took baby steps, but it started with small...
  10. Katurian

    Already playing? Get in here! Your BbS impressions thread.

    so i have this terrible habit of getting reeeeaaaallly close to beating games and then doing it because i don't want it to be over. That is my problem now with BBS... I can't get myself to finish it!!!!! but regardless, i love love love it. I was afraid I was going to be disappointed with it...
  11. Katurian

    What did you like most about BbS?

    I loved little Riku and little Sora! They were so flippin cute!!! I also loved the story, it was the same KH story we know and love but it had tons of flair and angst and plenty of unversed smashing! I think i pretty much love everything about it.... except the long loading-ness because I...
  12. Katurian

    Herro :3

    hi peoples. I used to have an account a couple of years ago but then life interuppted my video gaming-ness. But I'm back and ready to meet new peoples, have a good time, and get my post on. My name is Ginnie. I'm a ginger and proud of it. I like purple. I heart babies. I love life. I'm...