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  1. rukia12012

    Which Character to chose?

    I will pick up aqua because she is so cool
  2. rukia12012

    BBS Preperation!!

    so sad but be paitent :) u have bbs and I dont have think about it
  3. rukia12012

    Is it worth it?

    it worths to buy because its kh game :) + awesome character good gameplay awesome graphic for psp - Nothing
  4. rukia12012

    The World Ends With You Solo Remix Finally Returns to the App Store

    Re: The World Ends with You well twewy is one of the coolest rpg game I have ever played in my useless life it gave me happiness, a life hope and bunch of friend the graphics are amazinq too if u have ds u have to play this game
  5. rukia12012

    More Battle Screens! (16)

    they are magnificently cool i wish to play this game
  6. rukia12012

    Birth By Sleep on PSPgo the answer revealed!

    so sad for go users why did they do smthing like that hah nasty
  7. rukia12012

    Getting a PSP for BBS?

    bbs is the one of the best game I have ever seen in my life I think it will worth to buy psp for bbs go and buy mate
  8. rukia12012

    Hi EvErYoNe

    Well guys.Hi my name is Can.I come from Turkey and I m big fan of Kingdom Hearts (:and I love rpgs like dragon quest,final fantasy.I like Visual Kei.And punk rock. I wish to have a great time at here have a nice day everyone