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  1. Agoraphobia


    [ Nothing is safe from you ]
  2. Agoraphobia

    Drake: Thank Me Later

    So yeah, THIS album. Let's talk about it. Love it? Hate it? Like it? Dislike it? Indifferent? Sans a few songs, I absolutely love the album. I was surprised to a see a seven minute long song on this album, a mainstream hip-hop album. Coincidentally, it's also one of my favorites on the album...
  3. Agoraphobia

    Call of Duty to have subscription fee -- Could this spread?

    The Escapist : News : Kotick Wants Call of Duty Subscriptions "Tomorrow" Apparently Kotick wants the Call of Duty series to have a subscription fee and is trying to make it happen. He says the audiences are clamoring for it (in what world?). I'm not a fan of the CoD franchise, but if this goes...
  4. Agoraphobia


    So, We Were Exploding Anyway. Pretty good, I enjoy the direction they took. Too lazy to post the cover art, but it's pretty deep and full of emotion.
  5. Agoraphobia

    Minus The Bear: Omni

    This album is everything that I could want and more from MTB. Animal Backwards is the hottest fucking track ever ever fucking ever.
  6. Agoraphobia

    Vampire Weekend: Contra

    Let's discuss the best album of 2010.
  7. Agoraphobia

    Help/Support ► normally i would never post here, ever.

    lol so it happened, she broke up with me but i don't really care. also, happy new year.
  8. Agoraphobia

    Help/Support ► normally i would never post here, ever.

    Yeah, that sounds good. Thank god new years is coming up. I guess you're right. It'll feel good to be free again. The odd thing is, you're probably right. Well, time to take advantage of having slutty girl friends! Thanks guys. :B
  9. Agoraphobia

    Help/Support ► normally i would never post here, ever.

    but i'm about to come out of a two year relationship, and i've never actually faced heartbreak or had to get over someone. so, um, tips on getting over someone?
  10. Agoraphobia

    The White Stripes

    I searched, no results So, The White Stripes. I've always liked them, but it's not until recently I started to fall in love with them. I love Jack White's voice~
  11. Agoraphobia


    YouTube - Bibio - Fire Ant YouTube - Bibio - S'vive YouTube - Bibio Sugarette YouTube - Bibio - Ambivalence Avenue I could get high to this stuff.
  12. Agoraphobia


    Pretty sweet noise/experimental band from South Africa. So far they only have one EP released, titled 'Mystery', but damn it's good albeit it only has 4 songs. MEGAUPLOAD - The leading online storage and file delivery service
  13. Agoraphobia

    Green Day - 21st Century Breakdown

    So yeah, it leaked a while ago and I downloaded it last night. So much better than American Idiot, which was an amazing album despite everyone bitching and moaning and trying to look edgy by hating it. Before The Lobotomy, Last Night On Earth, Horseshoes And Handgrenades and ¡Viva La Gloria...
  14. Agoraphobia

    Happy hardcore, speedcore, hardstyle and other related shit!

    "Happy hardcore is a form of dance music typified by a very fast tempo (usually around 165-180 BPM), often coupled with male or female vocals, and saccharine lyrics." "Speedcore is a form of hardcore techno that is typically identified by its high rate of beats per minute and aggressive themes...
  15. Agoraphobia


    I feel like talkin about them. I've only listened to War Stories. I was going to download End Titles, but I dunno. I was considering Psyence Fiction, since that's their most acclaimed album (plus it has DJ Shadow on it :D). Should I?
  16. Agoraphobia


    capsule is a shibuya-kei (apparently a mix between jazz, pop, and electropop) duo. I thought they were pretty good. YouTube - I'm Feeling You - capsule YouTube - Flashback- Capsule YouTube - capsule - Eternity Probably my favorites. Also, someone pointed out that in Eternity, it sounds like...
  17. Agoraphobia

    Sneaker Pimps

    Awesome trip-hop band. I love the vocalist. Tesko Suicide and Post-Modern Sleaze are probably my favorite songs, and Becoming X is the only album I have for now. Sneaker Pimps – Listen free and discover music at Last.fm
  18. Agoraphobia

    Bright Eyes

    I love me some Bright Eyes. Bright Eyes are an indie/folk band, and I love them. I think Ty likes them. I've seen them on his Last.fm, so idk. I don't feel like embedding fagtube videos, so just listen to them on their last.fm, you fuck. Bright Eyes – Listen free and discover music at Last.fm
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  20. Agoraphobia

    Super Mash Bros.

    Super Mash Bros: Fuck Bitches. Get Euros. awesome mash up group. i actually like them a lot more than girl talk. you can download their album for free from that site, and on their myspace they said they'd be coming out with a new album soon. yay.