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    OCR does Kingdom Hearts 2

    I really liked it, thanks for the link!
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    Organization XIII heartless

    Exactly. I think that they are a great idea, but I dont want game after game of backstabbing world destroying organization madness. I would much prefer something new and totally different that is explained understandabley. ( not just that thing with yen sid, " Oh, heres some other wierd thing...
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    la la LA

    It wasn't an overly horrible world, and it gave a quick ( if comic) relief from the mantra you had to keep in mind otherwise: go, kill, leave. Go, kill, leave. getting back on topic: I didn't think he seemed overly nervous. I might not have been paying much attention though. My memories of...
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    Original Org. member's names.

    would it be impossible for everyone to stop guessing the names? They will be released at some point nd until then we're going to be in the dark. If you dont know just consult one of the hundreds of " organization names" threads that have already circulated to find new anagrams.
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    Kind of a stupid curiousity...

    I really do hope so. It will drive me crazy if they drag it out 2 or 3 games. ( which is extremely doubtful, but meh. )
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    while in the pod

    pluto is confusingly random in KHII. In the first one he's not important at all but then he suddenly becomes all knowing and necessary for the games development. such an enigma.
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    Kind of a stupid curiousity...

    I agree wih the ven idea. it was probably foreshadowing to that plotline or idea.
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    its probably just so you can connect the organization members with the nobodies. ( but yes there is a lot of silver jewelry besides that. )
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    KH2 digidestined

    Just wanted to make ure that we didn't all start getting out the pitchforks and torches.
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    KH2 digidestined

    you guys dont have to rip him open. it was an honest thought he had.
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    Height comparison

    I'm pretty sure that cloud is taller than riku.
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    Evilish Nobodies??

    That sounds about right. i almost certain that no one else was interested in anything but getting their hearts back.
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    Heartless names and creatures

    your right about the amount of darkness in ones heart equaling the level of heartless you become.
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    Heartless names and creatures

    Shadow heartless and all the others are formed by people who have lost their hearts. Thats why when sora first enters traverse town in gmae 1 he sees the person being chased by soldier heartless and then being turned into one. Also, nobodies are not formed by heartless. They are the body that...
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    Sora MAJOR GRowth

    I guess thats just one of the glitches the creators forgot to think about.
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    Did The Worlds Seem Short?

    oh yeah. it didn't even occur to me.
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    Evilish Nobodies??

    i really think that the only one who was truly evil was Xemnas. Everyone else was just manipulated and fed misinformation. Would Marluxia and Larxene have tried to take over if they thought it wouldn't help them get back their hearts?
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    Did The Worlds Seem Short?

    oh, i forgot abaout groundshaker. But now that i think about it your right, he was kind of the saving grace for it.
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    Did The Worlds Seem Short?

    i hated redoing pride lands. That was absolutley horrible. "OMG i keep seeing all these ghosts. I'm a horrible king"
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    Lvling up Summon

    I had it done in Beasts castle just because there area lot of morning stars and other heartless there.