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    Why is Linux so complicated?

    Well, I've been used to Windows XP for years, It's a very user friendly operating system. I got an Asus Eee PC about a year ago, and it's been pure hell ever since. Let me give you two real-life scenarios to illustrate exactly what I mean: Windows - Installing any given application "Well, I...
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    Emulators - The "Grey Area?"

    I know most people have just been gawking about kh3 theories for months, but I wanted to start a discussion about something else - emulators. For most forums, it's apparently against the rules to talk about emulators, but really, is talking about it that bad? I am not asking for links to...
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    Similiar Cutscene to Final Fantasy VII

    Trains are obsolete... They tend to be used a lot in games because they have an "old-timey" feel.
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    Is it just me or do these graphics really suck?

    The game looks pretty good...
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    Seashell thing

    It's probably just random and has no significance...