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    Speculation for KINGDOM HEARTS 3D (This could be possible!)

    THen...hw do you explain new worlds if it's Sora's memories...?
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    what sol thinks will hapen

    ....Oookay. I don't get it.
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    KH3D, Tetsuya Nomura, full interview.

    Hardly dishing x3 Basically, "This game is mysterious" Hehe
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    Re: Coded Confirmed - New Images

    Re: Kingdom Hearts Recoded (CONFIRMED FOR NDS) Yessss! I am so happy that I finally am going to get to play this! I'm so glad they're bringing it over--a spruced up version no less!
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    easy and faster (;

    I usually just do Saix with the extreme band on, cos if I try Riku with extreme, he usually takes me out X.x
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    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread I can vouch for the Willa Holland thing... I love Gossip Girl... ;;
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    i got to thinking

    That's kind of hard though, because you're ten years before the series even stars, sooo...
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    The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread [complete]

    Re: The Official BBS VA Discussion Thread YouTube - Yakuza Mark Hamil Voice Over My goodness, he's perfect! s1elleface
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    BbS Release Date Announced

    200 for a (silver) psp, 4GB mem stick (which usually run 30-45 dollars), BBS, and a unspecified movie. It's kind of a heck of a deal, so we're grabbing it. ^w^
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    BbS Release Date Announced

    Anyone getting the bundle? My brother is gonna be getting it (And by extension, me too x3)
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    My beef

    Meh. We needed mooks. We got mooks with a reasonable explaination for existing. I'm good.
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    When you get BBS who will you play as first?

    I played Aqua Ven Terra It was cool beans
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    Help/Support ► it's so hot

    90 degrees in my house....so sweaty....dying....dying...melting....
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    BbS Release Date Announced

    Preeeecisely. It's gonna be so fly. xD
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    BbS Release Date Announced

    September is GREAT! ^^ "What Carb, why is it great?" Simple, really! We wait for the english release, and by the time we play it, there'll be a whole new Kingdom Hearts came announced that we can speculate and crave over. So it's going to make the NEXT wait a lot more bearable. ^^
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    Birth by Sleep Official PSP Theme

    Excuse me, um. Where can I find the Terra theme you're all talking about? ^w^
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    Hell-o-oo! I'm new here, meep ;; I'm going to go ahead and tell you about me now…Wait, is my signature too big? Aaaah >.<!!! I couldn't figure out how to resize!!! T....T I think it's hip to be square, and I like kingdom hearts and talking on the internet and web and stuff ;; Likes: Rain (It...