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    Earthlings - the "Vegan Maker" animal cruelty documentary

    Watched this with an Ex-girlfriend who's a vegan now..... Am I vegan? No. Was I touched? Yes. Did I know this information? Well..... kinda sorta. Nonetheless I think more need to witness this incredible documentary. It brings on the water works........ No homo. Earthlings // Feature |...
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    Blazblue: Chronophantasma

    I'm a blazblue player, and I love what Atlus and Arc System Works has done with the new installment. I'm very excited for what this game has in-store. Though I must say I feel that some of the character concept is a tad lazy. See for yourself :) [2Q13S4wVNwg
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    Music ► Heal

    Hi Everyone! I don't use this forum as often as I'd like because I am usually busy doing alot of other stuff like networking, producing, and even performing from time to time. If you have the time it would mean alot to me if you could check out my duo project that has been in the works for a...
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    Anime/Manga ► Worst Anime/Manga You've Ever Witnessed?

    I'm just curious as to what you guys would consider a terrible anime. I've seen quite a few anime's myself but the worst one I think I've watched was called Colorful. It's a terrible waist of time. Don't watch it.
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    I used the search bar to try and find a deadmau5 thread. I didn't find one, but if there is one I apologize for making another :x. I'm a huge fan; and quite a loyal one. I was wondering if there were any other mau5fans around here :3
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    Why KH3D Sora & Riku Look like KH1 SR and Other Things.

    I'm Curious As To What The Distance Is For.....The Game Seems To Feature Them Two With Eachother The Entire Time....
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    Anime Expo 2010 :D

    Is anyone doing an KH cosplay for AX?
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    Pokemon: Black&White

    Other then causing a remarkable racial controversy, it seems that the creators of pokemon down at nintendo are running out of idea to even name their games....let alone pokemon for the 5th gen. Though the screens from the game do look breathtaking in their new and improved panel of...
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    I just want to see how people see others religions, share your thoughts, all of them! ^^
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    American McGee’s Alice II

    I was looking up some releases for 2010, and this came up, any ideas?
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    Alan Wake?

    Is anyone getting this, becuase I wanna know if I should get it or not....
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    So I know about calamity trigger, and blazblue portable in japan, but I heard there is a blazblue sequal?
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    It's a very adult movie, but if anyone has the time, check it out. amazing actors.....Britany murphy RIP nonetheless it is an awesome flick
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    Anime/Manga ► FLCL - S2 + S3; Sadamoto and The Pillows return

    My fav. anime of all time, I even got to meet Kari walgrien <3 (Voice actor for Haruko) and she signed my DVD box set ^/////^ anyone else here love FLCL?
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    Soul Calibur ^^

    I play SC4 almost everyday, my best in order are :Taki, Talim, Cassanrda, and Amy anyone else here play some Soul Cal?
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    And no not the song by deadmau5 facepalm Give me the worst stories you got, if you need an idea google FML, and get ready to laugh XD
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    X Link Kai, BBS?

    I'm not very sure of many people know what X link Kai is, but it's pretty much a version of Xbox Live for PSP, DS, and the original Xbox consles, so I was wondering if anyone knew if BBS would work for it, I mean...Dissidia does; can you help?
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    Greatest DJ of all time?

    I gotta say, I saw Bloody Beatroots live once....... orgasmic yes? Give your insightthebatman
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    Secret Ending confusion???

    I do understand that Nomura said you would have to play the game to understand the secret ending, but right at the end, when everyone is saying "Sora!", that really caught me off gaurd, anyone wanna help?
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    Kickin' it old skool!

    I don't know if anyone remembers, but I used to play a game called [Wild 9] for PS1, and I loved that game, please share your childhood games, that you remember playing time and time again ^^