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  1. robvandam111

    Final Fantasy VII Remake Megathread - Intergrade, Rebirth, Reunion and more

    So, Amazon pushed back my delivery for until 14th of April. Is it safe to say if you're ever planning to buy anything Final Fantasy related, go ahead and buy it directly from the Square Enix store?
  2. robvandam111

    Happy 10 Year Anniversary to XIII

    I had always thought to myself that XIII was just made for practice since you weren't able progress the characters as much as you want. Meanwhile, XIII-2 you had the character development freedom and paradigm strategies were up to you. I loved the sequel, never played Lighting Returns.
  3. robvandam111

    Final Fantasy VII Remake Megathread - Intergrade, Rebirth, Reunion and more

    I'd would hope so. Is that they're delaying the majority of things and including imported items...so yeah.
  4. robvandam111

    Final Fantasy VII Remake Megathread - Intergrade, Rebirth, Reunion and more

    Let's hope it doesn't get delayed due to the corona virus....
  5. robvandam111

    Happy 10 Year Anniversary to XIII

    It's been awhile I posted anything here. I've been off the map for a long time. Final Fantasy XIII made 10 years few days ago. It's incredible how the time passed by. Since the announcement back 2006 and it's controversial style upon its released. I often go around youtube and hear the ost...
  6. robvandam111

    Pokemon | Scarlet & Violet (2022) + Legends Arceus is king

    Any of you guys play Pokémon Go and would like to do a raid level 3 battle for me?
  7. robvandam111

    Kingdom Hearts 3 Strategy Guide?

    Any word when will that be released or a special collector's edition just like KHII?
  8. robvandam111

    DLC Discussion

    Traverse Town is wishful thinking on my end. That's because how relax and peaceful it is going out in the dark. Maybe a couple of extra worlds if its possible and Coliseum and I'm good.
  9. robvandam111

    Unmarked Spoilers: 4chan leak discussion thread (UNVERIFIED)

    San Fran Tokyo didn't make it to the list of worlds? That's definitely a missed bunny there.
  10. robvandam111

    Help/Support ► Sudden anxiety about

    Hey Fudge, I know this is kind of late. Hopefully you're still reading this. There was a time when I came to realization about that. Everyone is afraid but that's why you got to live it the best way to your ability. When I first realized it, I couldn't believe it. There will be a time that some...
  11. robvandam111

    Kingdom Hearts shirts?

    Hi Guys, long time! Hope everyone is doing well. Many of you guys are missed. I come to you asking where will I be able to find Kingdom Hearts Shirts in great regular quality. I bought two recently one from Amazon. One that came out as expected. And one well...it came from China and the shirt...
  12. robvandam111

    News ► Trophy Lists for KINGDOM HEARTS HD 1.5+2.5 ReMix

    The PS3 game saves won't work on the PS4 version?
  13. robvandam111

    Help/Support ► My grandmother died

    Thoughts and prayers to you and your family, Muke!
  14. robvandam111

    Help/Support ► Acne

    You may thank me. Get the refining mask from proactiv. I lost 50ibs and indulged unneccessary whey protein that's been causing breakouts at my age.
  15. robvandam111

    KINGDOM HEARTS 2.8 Boxart Revealed!

    Just looking at the DDD box art part and my mind was playing "Welcome to the Jungle" by Guns n Roses.
  16. robvandam111

    New Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Screenshots Show Off Unreal Engine 4

    Looks great, can't wait to hear about the Kingdom Hearts 3 news though. So much for E3 lol.
  17. robvandam111

    Help/Support ► hey guys

    Don't apologize kid, we all have a life to live for. Just make sure you're focused and rise up. I've been changing emotionally towards these past few weeks. I haven't been too immerse with the boards and gaming since the instant of the reveal of FFXV. A lot of things are in my mind, and its just...
  18. robvandam111

    Help/Support ► hey guys

    Chuy...:(, Sending you big virtual warm hugs and thoughts with prayers to your family. Stay strong and keep moving forward. I've also been inactive, sorry if I missed anything.
  19. robvandam111

    Help/Support ► I'm sick of EVERYTHING.

    Take this song, and learn from it. Everyone else responded well to you. You need some inspiration. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opU1urLhw50
  20. robvandam111

    Help/Support ► What smartphone did you sell your soul to

    You should get the Note 5 or 6 if anything. I have the Note 4 and it has an incredible amount of stability. The only problem with the new phones releasing afterwards you're not allowed anymore to remove the back cover. Although they're bring back the memory slot.