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  1. Gage-Kayumi

    New Final Fantasy VII roleplay?

    Im thinking it could take place, about a year or two after Dirge of Cerberus. As for the story line goes, im think about having the Deepground idea run further into the rp. Like a Revenge of The Deepground kinda of ordeal. Would you join? or like to Collab?
  2. Gage-Kayumi

    [:] MARVEL: Rise of Sanity[:] Signups and OCC

    [::] Marvel : Rise of Sanity[::] Plot: Many years after the Secret invasion of the Skrulls, due to the lack of trust among the teams, many have split and have gone solo. The avengers are no more called the Avengers. The X-men have split, and the world is at War. No one’s trusted...
  3. Gage-Kayumi

    Hola (:

    Im Zachary (: im semi new here i joined in january. Im pretty chill, and im fun to talk to guess. and people i know say i have a bubble butt. >:/ haha random facts. Well i talk alot, like ALOT. and i sumtimes hate rules and being pressured into things. Also i love meeting new people! So again...
  4. Gage-Kayumi

    Was making "The Carriers" rp a good idea??

    Take a look. http://forums.khinsider.com/signups-ooc/145724-carriers-signups-ooc.html tell me what i should do to fix it,please?? D:
  5. Gage-Kayumi

    The Carriers- Signups and OOC

    As an incurable virus spreads throughout the world, the population is dying by the hundreds each day. The world’s top scientists hurry to find a cure, but when most of them get the virus themselves there is no chance of ever retaining back the old world. Some fight to stay alive, even when life...
  6. Gage-Kayumi

    Wazz upp homiesss??

    Ahaha, im too white to be ganster. Sooooo, why am i making this thread? Well i dont really know. Im just really bored and i wanna have a wicked chat. Wtf? Did i really just use the word wicked? Hahaha lammooee. So tell me whats your name? and what are your interst? Well Hiya ;D Im taylorr...
  7. Gage-Kayumi

    Gay Straight Alliance Club (GSA)

    ☮Welcome☮ This is a club for all straights, bisexuals, homosexual's and lesbians to just talk and hang out and discuss random things, without Homophobes && Sick perv's. If you just come here to Hate and bag on us for being US, then you can Just shut the Fuck up and leave. Bad language is...
  8. Gage-Kayumi

    A New Age of Mortal Combat

    Well, This Roleplay would be based off the games, but with a different story line and New Character's. Your Thought's and ideas for a story line would be Helpfull. (:
  9. Gage-Kayumi

    My latest art ;D

    Yujiro ;] Random skater chick ;D Tifa C: My oc's for a naruto roleplay ;D this is gage ;D and yura :P coment? :D
  10. Gage-Kayumi

    Fanfiction ► unheard whispers

    Re: unheard whispers [revised] [warning given] Hmph, i didnt see any error's then again dont take my word ._________________.
  11. Gage-Kayumi

    Highschool Zombie Roleplay~[Signup & OOC Thread]

    After Zombies attack a highschool football game, Student's, Family's, and friends are seperated and scattered across the school trying to survive. Its survival of the fittest, and out of the 405 people that were acounted at the football game, more then half are roaming the school in search of...
  12. Gage-Kayumi

    Fanfiction ► unheard whispers

    Re: unheard whispers [revised] [warning given] maybe herrm this is a delema D: ill just keep VM u kay? :D
  13. Gage-Kayumi

    Fanfiction ► unheard whispers

    Re: unheard whispers [revised] [warning given] No problemo ^_^ i would but all i have is myspace IM D: unless u have a myspce :D
  14. Gage-Kayumi

    Fanfiction ► unheard whispers

    Re: unheard whispers [revised] [warning given] Omygawwwd. best fan fick ive ever read. i want, no i need more! :D ur fantastic.
  15. Gage-Kayumi

    My random artt ._______.

    These i used the bases from deviantart.com- But i added the clothing, hair and the other details Uno- _______________________________________________________________________________ Dos- __________________________________________________________________________________ thes-...
  16. Gage-Kayumi

    A couple of my poem's- i own; dont copy.

    Matts poem- My heart is what i broke up for you. And now its hard to ignore you. You just shoved me away, and said that you were okay. You never took the time, and acted like it wasnt a crime. You and i were meant to be, but you were just to blind to see. It was always the same, because you...
  17. Gage-Kayumi

    The Last promise: Part one-

    I looked at Ashlee, who was in Gabriel’s arms. She had her head on his chest and he cradled her with his head resting on hers. I looked away in sadness. My hair covering my eyes and tears came streaming down my cheeks. I just sniffled and walked to the back of the class room, because I didn’t...