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    The Main Site...

    There seems to be a lot of broken images, including the avatar section and wallpapers. I also noticed that there are no more "Recent Forum Posts" on the left side... Pardon me if this was already addressed.
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    A sonnet I scrawled

    Sonnet: Marriage Proposal to ... Hold out your hand, and hold fast to my words. Listen close, because my tongue’s got a twist. It’s weird, ‘cause I’m just one of many nerds To write who you are, in pen, on a list. I’ll tell you now that this isn’t normal; To meet, to woo, and to exchange a...
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    noticed something in KH2FM regardin ES

    good keyblade theory, but i always thought about sora and his keychains, how does he change the keychain without making the keyblade go away, since keyblades need keychains (maybe not NEED) so how does sora do that? does it change into another form? or what?
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    Xemnas armor in end of KH2

    >.< geeez, just something i noticed. also in the final battle, i noticed that only Axel's weapon was shown on the side of the inner airship. i just noticed it yesterday when i was playing KH2 over again. [back to topic] what if inside the final armor is the old armor, like an inner casing armor...
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    Xemnas armor in end of KH2

    You all probably noticed this, but the horns on xemnas' armor at the end of KH2 look a little familiar, the horns do anyway. Maybe he took this form because it suited his old form...?
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    I never noticed, but the bald guy in the secret movie has the same clothing as Heartless X. Haha, did you guys notice?
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    The Enigmatic Soilder (both in secret movie and the boss)

    - Do you think that the ES in the secret movie was born the same way as 'Ansem the Heartless' was born? Or could be his remnants? - The boss itself is probably an offshoot to create one of the Chasers (if people still refer to them as that...) Maybe it's the ES in the movie at its stronger...
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    Mickey's Letter

    Yo Sora, Kairi, Riku, I need some help. I missed Daisy, Minnie, and Scrooge's birthdays so uh, u 3 need to get laid so I can make up. U guys still owe me so please do this!
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    Mickey's Letter

    ill actually b serious about this. it mite hav sed,"Seal the keyhole there so we can seal the keyblades away." THIS could lead to the thought of new keymasters
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    this is dumb alright

    this is dumb but i need a ff signature posted here cuz i need the wings on sephiroth and cloud i forgot who has one like that and has n-e1 found out if that mickey summon spell or the bahamut ones really are tru?
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    KH2 a rip off?

    if u dont like it then dont play it and quit b!%(#in about it to us!!!!!!
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    Ending picture

    'stead of just talking about the pics post them!
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    What was your reaction when you first got final form?

    my words were,"sweet! time to kik sum asz! die,xigbar,die!"
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    the disappointments

    on this thread post all the pics u can find involvin wut wasnt in kh2 but we thought was
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    another theory thread

    well ya no how the door with the keyhole leads to the worlds heart? well the place where roxas and sora went to to get the keyblade wasnt a world. it was probably a place u kud reach via keyhole door right? the place they went is the intersection of darkness light and maybe nothingness. the...
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    Ultima Blade VS. Fenrir

    ultima- good:it has mp hastega which is essential for magic bad:it takes so long to create it fenrir- good:its stronger than ultima bad:ya hav to fight sephiroth and win to get bad:it decreases combos bad:without a combo+ ya only hav i finisin combo...
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    kh2 who said that line guess

    if u r readin this then go to the other thread
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    kh2 who said that line guess

    ok ill stop sjfsgifdigijgngitngeigneiurjgreuign
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    kh2 who said that line guess

    ill start again "the light dosent suit you"
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    kh2 who said that line guess

    omg its Sora repeatin Leon's line from kh1 but now its kthundercat's turn