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    Ghost In The Shell

    Did anyone watch it? I did and it was great ^_^...people gettin shot = XD to me.
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    It might mean something, what? i dont know :confused:
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    who bothered you?

    I totally agree with u on that...he was a annoying character. Also i think Donald was too.
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    Intro 2 Kingdom Hearts 2

    Me too...PLZ come out soon KH2.
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    Intro 2 Kingdom Hearts 2

    It makes perfect sense to do that...just look at the trailers, they show alot of BHK scenes.
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    KH2...a Co-Op game?

    I still think it would be pretty interesting.
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    Paranoia Agent

    This is one of the weirdest animes i ever saw...but it was good. That kid with the bat was weird. And i though i was going mad when i saw the stuffed animal talking.
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    What do you WANT out of KH2?

    A re-match will Sephiroth!!!
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    It depends on the game itself. If u can kill non existant things like heartless, then E. But if you start hurting Human Type Characters, then T
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    It has been confirmed...i cant wait to team up with CAPTIN JACK SPARROW!!! :D I hope they have that song from the movie, the main one.
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    That would be kewl...but i need a PSP to watch it :o and KH2 better come out soon... :(
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    KH2...a Co-Op game?

    Your absolutley correct....they never said anything about co-op with GTA:SA, they could do the same thing.
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    How would you react if...

    Calm Down...but i will also do the same thing!!! But there will be a depressed time. :( i hope this dosent happen.
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    Samuri Champloo

    This is a great Anime...i love it so far, swords are KEWL!!! And its funny. Give ur opinions here on this Anime that has potential to be a great series. :D
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    KH2...a Co-Op game?

    I agree but if would be kinda cool to have the option. :D
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    Intro 2 Kingdom Hearts 2

    i understand where ur gettin at...
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    sephiroth challenge

    i was real close to beating him....but that damn sin harvest!!!!!
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    KH2...a Co-Op game?

    I agree and WELCOME TO KH2.net!
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    2 player!!

    sigh....i made a thread just like this a few minutes b4 he did...but it would be kewl to have a co-op type thing for KH2...like P1 be sora and P2 be another party member.
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    Excpected World's

    Robin Hood - Not that interesting Tron - WTF! The Lion King - AWESOME! Incredibles - Look above! The Sword In The Stone - ahh...