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    organization XIII

    ok im sorry guys iono if uve posted this before but whos your favorite org. members and y??my top 5 are:Axel-red hair,personality,fire,cool weapons Marluxia-ONLY MOTHA FOFO WIT A SCYTHE!Saix-to me hes juss one of the coolest ones and hes 2nd in command after xemnas,i like his huge asss sword 2...
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    regular orichalcums

    can someone help me and tell me how to get orichalcums not the + just orichalcum pleeaase
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    Could, Tifa, Leon, and Yuffie help!!

    i juss tried synthesizing lots of defense boost and power boost :)
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    Keyblades on kh2

    i KKIINNDD OOF agree wit duo forbidden i mean they LOOK better than kh1 keyblades but in da first one you go gettin better and better and better keyblades
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    Anyone Else Having Trouble With The Posters?

    i got 29 secs its hard as hell after a while ull find da perfect path and then juss keep practicing da path if u think u can get it and eventually u will
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    Kh2 ultimate codes

    i agree codes would suck in kh2
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    I got a question!?!?!?!?!?!?

    they took out stuff dat looked cool :(
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    Help From Micky?

    hey door to the ligh i like ur sig lol
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    poster duty

    thank u all so much i juss got 29 secs
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    poster duty

    omg guys i need serious help on the missions of twilight town the poster duty is toooooooooo hard the most i can get is 1:09 and i gotta get 30 seconds lol can sum1 help pleeaasse
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Question

    i was j/p lol
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    Kingdom Hearts 2 Question

    zari u talk soo much s***
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    If you had a nobodie

    sakoix he would look kinda like me but with longer hair,silver hair uses a really big sword weakness is nuthing:cool:can only be killed by his human person which is me haha:D
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    who looks cooler normal kh1 riku,dark riku,blindfolded riku or normal kh2 riku i say kh2 riku and dark riku
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    yea ur welcome
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    go to new thread its at the left at the top and im at level 85
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    Your Prefered Drive Mode

    there all good as hell but da best one to me is final form
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    i kno this has might have been on a lot but can sum one please tell me how to do dat phil training thing its impossible:mad:
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    How do u fight sephiroth?

    wut level r u at i beat sephiroth at level 81 he wasnt dat hard if u hav double jump,high jump,glide,and quick run at level 3 wait for him to try to attack u then dodge it come back and do a combo dont forget to press triangle right wen the video finishes
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    easiests and hardests

    wut do u think r the top 2 easiest worlds or easiest parts of da game and wut do u think are the hardest to me the easiest are pride lands and disney castle and da hardest are sephiroth and xaldin also that peice of s*** phils training