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    Anyone here attend the SFA Percussion Symposium?

    If you attended the Stephen F. Austin Percussion Symposium, did you enjoy it?
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    Don't you hate it when you can't think of anything for Christmas?

    That's how I am right now. KHI, give me some ideas! Maybe my memory will be refreshed!
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    Need an Anime or Manga Recommendation

    I just got done watching this anime called Utawarerumono, and now I'm sad. I need someone to recommend me a new one.
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    Kingdom Hearts ll Final Mix+ for America..

    Another one of these? I thought everybody took the hint that the game isn't coming.
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    Something to Consider!!!

    Consider it considered .
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    Where's Aqua?

    Actually, her hair is the same. It just seems different because it's not in high quality CGI video.
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    Wait, so KH Zero is the title of the new game?

    Is it still just a rumor, or was it confirmed?
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    Quest for Release [take 002]

    You know, they never told us whether or not the original Final Mix would come outside of Japan. Wait, that must mean it could come out any day now m i rite?
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    Swap magic and FM+ questions.

    Go to the Import Help Thread at the top of the page. It's stickied up there. As for the Gummi missions not working on a downloaded version, I'm pretty sure that's true.
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    Quest for Release

    HadesDragon wasn't flaming anybody, he was just laying down the facts.
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    Quest for Release

    Not negative, we're being realistic.
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    Quest for Release

    Square Enix isn't going to announce something they're not going to do.
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    Finding the Extra Boss The E.S. (Or Terra) (FAQ Inside)

    Dodge Roll. Reflect. You're welcome.
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    Looking for some more sheet music . . .

    I've searched, but I couldn't find it. I'm looking for the sheet music for Phendrana Drifts and Magmoor Caverns. Both of these are themes from Metroid Prime. Any help is appreciated!
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    KH2FM+ Outside-of-Japan Release Date Speculation

    in before you have no idea about business
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    When is it coming to America?

    I assure you, it will come once you obtain the Triforce.
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    KH2 FM+ release

    This one, and the other "KH2FM+ in America?" thread.
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    KH2 FM+ release

    TwistedHeartz, not to be rude, but you're pissing me off a bit. Not your optimistic attitude, no, but the fact that you're spamming in 2 threads as we speak. I suggest you quit posting in said threads if you value your account.