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    How long do you think KH2 will be?

    It would not take that long for me to play it.... It will take longer (two months or something :p). Well, the game with be in two discs, so just add up the time that it take you to play the original and times it by two. I do not know for sure. ;D
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    That would be nice. He looks good in his AC costume. :)
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    Of course we all know that Cloud's own story is separate from Kingdom Hearts and whatnot. He is a main character in a different game, so that has to say something. :)
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    Skeleton Sora

    I think he might be immortal for a short period of time or have a certain special attack. :)
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    new pics

    Wow! They are really nice, Sora 123! Great job with the posting! :)
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    Nudity in KH2!?!?

    Yes, and what about the thing with Mulan, as well? If they are going to put that part in the game. Probably not, though. Just a thought.
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    KH2 images from Official Site!!!!

    Nice. Very nice. Good job, Sora Matrix!
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    KH2 Most Popular Game on PS2!

    Oh, man. This is going to be exciting. X-Play is going to get a lot of hate mail if they make fun of Kingdom Hearts II and/or give it a score below what it is worth.
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    KH2 Most Popular Game on PS2!

    Yes. I wonder what they will give it and how much they are going to make fun of this game, as well.
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    KH2 Most Popular Game on PS2!

    Yes, what Tender Heart said. And, hopefully it will get a good review, too (mostly speaking about the people on X-Play).
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    Thoughts of Reasons for 2006 Release

    Yes, what DrkNessOfHeart said. You do not want to have a glich in the game that causes someone to go shooting into the air and getting stuck inside a wall, do you? That is what happend to me while playing Sonic The Hedgehog 2. Poor Tails. ^_^
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    Xaladin in G4 tgs show

    You can go to www.g4tv.com to get more information about the Tokyo Game Show '05. You can watch today's episode there once they put it up (if they have not done so already).
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    Tokyo Game Show '05

    Later today, will be the showing of this year's Tokyo Game Show at 7 pm (pacific) on G4. If you have that channel, I would suggest you go ahead and watch it. They will show all of what went on inside of TGS. Which means there is a great chance you will catch a glimpse or two of Kingdom Hearts II...
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    Reno In Kingdom Hearts 2

    Ha ha ha. Okay. Reno is from Final FantasyVII. He has long red hair. He used to work for Shinra Inc. He is part of the turks (the people who work for the company). Reno is always seen with his bud, Rude. There is more, but I am being lazy right now. ^_^
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    Reno In Kingdom Hearts 2

    Whoa! Fighting.... Well, I do not know if I want Reno in Kingdom Hearts II, but I know someone who would love seeing him in it. ^_^
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    Kingdom Hearts OC Remix

    I do not know for sure if someone posted this already, but some time ago I found two Kingdom Hearts OC remix songs while I was browsing through a music website. I downloaded them onto my iTunes, and now I can not stop listening to them. I just wanted to share this information with anyone who...
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    Is Bhks Hair Even Blonde

    Hey, do not worry Skilled Keyblada, I did not mean to get you angry. I just liked what you said about the BHK. I appologize. Maybe cute was not the best choice of words.
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    Is Bhks Hair Even Blonde

    Ha ha ha. Isn't that cute. Well, you can call him whatever you like. It is up to you.
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    Yuna in KHII?

    Well, there has been some controversy with that site. It may be accurate with movies, but not so much with games. If Yuna really is in Kingdom Hearts II, there would be magazine scans with her in it. I would not be surprised if she actually did make an appearance or two in the game.
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    Just how much r u gona buy KH2 for?

    Other good things like with the Advent Pieces for Final FantasyVII Advent Children: Keychain, cup, T-shirt, script, and a figurine. There was probably more, but I forgot. But I do not really think they would do that for Kingdom Heart II. Who knows, they might even make a tin cover for the game...