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    D.S.? Who is he?

    I always thought that the D.S. was a part of Ven... becuz you remember the cutscene when MX was talking to Ven in the coliseum about recovering something and having to obtain something? He held out his hand and there was a dark power in it? and also when Terra was talking to MX he said he had a...
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    KH2 Factual Hints?

    I don't know much about everything else I think they're all just coincidences but I'm pretty sure Terra does not have a data keyblade nor is he in a data world
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    kh1 secret bosses

    you see what happens when we get no news about Kingdom Hearts? people just go wild with theories about heartless being MORE than what they are It's terrible what this lack of information is doing to people
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    358/2 Days

    Re: Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Discussion Do you mean there are two deep dives?
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    My two cents on the secret movie

    I can't really add much but I think the lost two were maybe keyblade wielders who hadn't discovered it yet. Maybe at somepoint Sora, Riku, Mickey (poosibly Kairi) go and try to show them what they are.
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    I always wondered..........

    How Sora and co. lived, I mean you never see them eat or sleep. Do they have portable fridges in the gummi ship or what?
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    Which Character grew up the most

    Well it depends on how you mean, like maturity wise, actual growth wise, or look-wise? Maturity wise, I would say Sora Growth wise, I would say Kairi Look wise, is Riku
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    made up forms

    I wish he could fuse with Auron. His shirt-thingy would turn into a black, yellow, red,blue, white robe-thingy with an arm hanging out.And he could carry a giant keyblade over his back. And you could do a reaction command where he would pull his arm out of his shirt and double his strentgh. Oh...
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    Be honest..

    Sora would pwn Cloud. I say this just because in KH, he get's the crap beaten out of him by Cerberus, you beat the crap out of him AND Squall numerous times, and in KH: CoM you beat the crap out of him, and Sora has a strong heart and the power of LIGHT!(sorry just wanted to say that) Sora also...
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    Aaaaaaaah.....impressive........I always liked that show
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    You never know...... Me:Hey mom! Look what I got! Mom:What is it dear? Me:It's a cha-*shoom!Stream of fire*
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    Yeah, try ebay, google, and ask jeeves Axel's weapons are cool, if I could, I would buy them, a kingdom key, and a Way to Dawn if anyplace has it
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    Sea-salt ice cream (minor spoiler)

    lol....I know a way to get some, get a whole bunch of hosteges, and threaten to kill them unless you get seasalt ice cream...........or just fly to japan..........first one is easier.......
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    Is choosing the dream rod meant to make you crap?

    Yeah if you're one of the "all up in yo face, smack upside yo head wit my keyblade" people, then Dream Rod, isn't for you.....if you're a "Ahhhh dont hit me! *runs away and casts fire at heartless* ha I majicked you to death bitch!" person, then dream rod is for you!
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    Wal mart SUCKS

    Well at least you know you are going to get it........I cant get till my next report card AND THEN SOME! I dont even know when my report card comes out! hmmmm I cant belive Wal-Mart would do that, I love Wal-Mart! Ahhhh, the memories!*remembers memories*
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    Finished Playing Kh 2 ??

    I dont even HAVE it yet, and I wont get it till my next report card (hopefully) so I'm involuntarily taking my sweet time...........but when I do get it, I'm going to go slow anyway
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    Comprehensive Kingdom Hearts II Source

    Okay....that was BIG....but thanks for looking all of that up? and.....you watch PR: Mystic Force?.........
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    isnt this romantic

    What a lamer......lol and Lightkeeper05.....not all of us have played FF8 so you dont have to jump on people about it.......
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    New KH2 things. new pics, videos...

    Scar's Ghost? And do you mean joining a clan?
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    Whats your favorite org.XII member

    Axel, Numbah 13. and Numbah 1 are my favorites