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    Ansem Retort

    This is quite funny! But I haven't read many :( My fave so far: http://www.analogpaladins.com/Images/Comics/AR/index.html?comic=27
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    Need help...

    You could try getting htem to tell you. Or you could do your project on balloons.
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    Organization question about TWTNW

    In the Proof of Existence room.
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    will still never know zexion weapen was

    Even though Xemnas disappeared like 5 times he still came back, and this could happen to all the Org. members.
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    Small but noticeable glitch in KH2

    They mispell tons of the Org Members names in the Ansem Reports, and the subtitles have typos. Like it should say 'What's' but instead it says 'What'. Nothing huge though.
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    That's one of my favorite bits int he game (fighting with him) but I wasn't crying or anything when he died.
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    Small but noticeable glitch in KH2

    There's tons of mispelligns in that game.
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    Getting to level 99

    DONT level up in TWTNW, I experimented myself. It took me about a day of training going through TWTNW to get from level 61 to 99, and less than 2 hours wiht the gullwing/experienceboost/redhealth.magnega pride rock trick. Go with the Pride Rock trick.
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    Secret Ending

    keyblade war, in the past
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    KH2 secret video *SPOILERS*

    Don't triple post.
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    kingdom hearts 2 for Xbox

    Oh, never knew that.
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    The KH2 NOVEL.

    Then I wouldn't buy it.
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    extreme help....

    this happened to me, just go to another wolrd (i went to hollow bastion) and talk to the moogle and you'll be all set
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    Hack ARMAX Code Video Finally Released!

    http://www.mytempdir.com/584243 I give credit to The Enigmatic Superior from KH-vids.net for this vid. It totally owns.
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    Help From Micky?

    WRONG! It resets after each and very boss fight. For example, in the Shan Yu fight you get him, you have 100% chance. Then 80% chance for 2nd time and so on to about 50 % on your 4th try. Then this resets on the next boss fight with Mickey.
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    Help From Micky?

    omfg i posted a topic with that exact info ages ago and it was ocmpletely ignored...
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    Complete List of King Mickey Boss Battles

    Yes it did come from the Ultimania.
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    shouldnt Riku have a nobody?

    Yes, it is true. So unfortunately true... (all members who have posted in this topic bow their heads)
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    PHIL CUP with 1000 points!!! Impossible!!!!!

    If this is where you break those orbs, then cast magnaga and then unleash combos! It is the best way! Or, use magnara and then thundaga!
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    Shadow ate Sora's head......

    Yeah I did, and at first I thought it was some new type of anti-form!