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    OFFICIAL square enix response to KH2 Final Mix + in US

    that has to be an auto response
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    Xemnas armor in end of KH2

    seriously whats the point in that
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    noticed something in KH2FM regardin ES

    I think that there keyblades are starter keyblades and can add keychains to them (nice first post)
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    E.S. Jiminiy Journal Picture

    those are some awesome pics
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    KH: FM+ Secret video: past or Present

    way to the dawn came to riku because he had prooven that he had a heart strong enough to wield the keyblade
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    KH II FM secret vid. heros keyblades disapear

    I was wondering about that but ofcourse one video could come after the other
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    key blades

    would'nt they dissapear before they were created
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    key blades

    that is very interesting but if the kingdom keys and way to the dawn still have thier chains
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    Riku... left out?

    I think it would be awesome ot play as riku or kairi but they'll have to tie riku into the story somehow
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    Where did the last fight with Xemnas take place?

    I think it was the realm of nothing and could have been connected to both darkness and light