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    Cid and Aerith voices

    Aerith I can't defend. Cid sounds much better in AC, though. More like how I expected him to sound, less like a bad hick. :D
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    Cid and Aerith voices

    Alright, alright. Word has it that they can act and do sound halfway decent. It's the same voices in Advent Children, and I know for a fact that Cid sounds just fine in that, waaaaay better than in KH2. Rumor also has it that Aerith sounds much better also, not perfect, but at least much...
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    Defective Copies.

    Yes, I do indeed.
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    Defective Copies.

    The copy of the game that I ended up with didn't work, so we went to exchange it. This is how that went.... Us: Dude, it doesn't work. GameStopGuy: Yeah, I know. Us: o.O GSG: Square Enix made an anouncement that there were a few defective copies shipped. We've had eight returned so far. Us...
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    I hate my life.

    I have the game. It's in my game box. ......... It DOESN'T WORK!! %$%#($&%(#&$*&#&%#&*#&#%&(#&!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So, yeah. It knows that the disc is there and all, but when we try to actually PLAY the game, it goes to a black screen for a moment, then pops the browser right back up...