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    Isa and Lea (Spoilers)

    Does anybody know what happened to them?
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    Aqua's Scenario

    Re: Aqua's Scenario. Pretty dreary down at the viewing.
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    At least we have Xemnas to fall back on. Terra's body's memories apparently were not wiped, so since a Nobody is the body and soul left behind, Terra is still evil as Xemnas because of MX's soul corrupting his body. You know, Nobodies are kind of like the FMA Homunculi. Actually, there almost...
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    MX / The Emperor ?

    I think it'll be more like MX= Emperor Terra=Darth Vader Sora= Luke Riku= Han Solo Kairi= Leia in NH( Not the other ones)
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    My Educated Guesses

    The two/three thing makes sense to me, because it rationalizes the Aqua situation. I'm not really seeing the Ven/Aqua being the same type of relationship, though...
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    My Educated Guesses

    OK, I've given it some thought, and I've come up with some possible scenarios. Terra seems to be the Riku of this generation. The connection with Maleficent as well as apparent personality traits are evidence of this. What is probably the situation is that he is kind of like Riku gone wrong...
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    Terra Saix?

    Terra seemed to change when looking at the moon... What do you think, folks? Plausibie?
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    Interesting Observations Of Keyblade Wielders

    It would appear that certain people can open the doors without direct contact with a keyblade. Xehanort did it when the gummi was destroyed. It seems that Riku did it as well, as the keyblade hadn't yet attatched itself to him. (Another interesting note, the counterparts (Aquairi excluded) seem...
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    Has Anybody Else Noticed...

    Both the main trios have blue eyes. All of them. Crazy, right? Anybody think that's significant?
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    A Shocking New Theory (I hate it... Please disprove.)

    Well, I'm down with that. I actually back the T+MX=X theory.
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    A Shocking New Theory (I hate it... Please disprove.)

    Timeline unknown Traits have been shown to change, and Terra will no doubt be under extreme circumstances.
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    A Shocking New Theory (I hate it... Please disprove.)

    True, but we know very little about these characters. Who's to say Terra's story ends with BBS?
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    A Shocking New Theory (I hate it... Please disprove.)

    I think Axel could be Terra's Nobody. If Ven is connected to Roxas, then thatt would explain their hitting it off. I really hope Terra is Xehanort, though.
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    Important Findings on The Origin of Keyblades!

    It appears that keyblades do not spontaneously generate from hearts. It has been speculated that the appearance is based on the heart of the weilder, but this does not seem to be the case. The keyblade Sora uses was around before he ever used it. It cannot, then, be his reflective weapon. Also...
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    Fanfiction ► No Heart X Report 1

    You're right. I should have thought about that. Anyway, I'm almost done.
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    Fanfiction ► No Heart X Report 1

    (Hiya, everybody! This will be my first fic with you, so bear with me. I'm gonna be doing this in parts.) "As the darkness raced around him, he boldly laughed with glee, For though it roared and writhed, he thought, It is no match for me. He scrambled through the maelstrom, his glowing...
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    MX + DS = Xehanort Identity

    Here are a couple of pictures. This is Xehanort before his transformation. Now, Let's look at XH. Not exactly the same color, is he? Skin a tad darker, wouldn't you say? I'll give you the "counterpart" issue. What I meant was "character who has a definite heartless/nobody relationship...
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    MX + DS = Xehanort Identity

    It makes much more sense for Xehanort to be Terra infused with darkness and without memories. The differences are all easily explained away. Have you noticed that the characters (Maleficent excluded) most connected to the Darkness have extremely light or white hair? IE: Ansem TW, MX, Xehanort...
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    Hey, guys. I was wondering if anyone could make me a guide for something. I want to make a version of terra's keyblade that is hard enough to be a bokken. It can be written, picture... anything! Also, please include a list of materials.