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    KH RE: COM UK?

    But isn't that odd? They already went through all the trouble of translating everything into english... Or do they have to do some other european languages as well if they release it in Europe? Because I'd say it's a small effort to release it here, since even if I import it, I won't be able to...
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    Symbol found. Is it the Chaser's?

    This is probably a bit old and already noticed, but I still decided to post it. I haven't been here for quite some time so it already've been posted. Anyway: In here we see Terra save Ven at Radiant Garden. Look at his belt. It has a symbol. Ven has the same symbol on his left or right side...
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    Weird cutscene in KH1 related to BBS? quick question

    Nah, those feelings were definetly because of Kairi's Heart inside of Sora. Sure, what you're saying is possible, but to take one event from KH1 and put two reasons behind it seems a little bit far-fetched.
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    Why was Sora able to dual-wield?

    He could do it without drives because he was joined with Roxas again. Btw, there are countless topics on this....
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    Passwords' of Xemnas' CD

    It is 'Another'. Also, this is pretty old news.
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    Final mix+?

    Why is everyone so negative? Sure, it may not come out but can't we hope? For all we know they might suddenly announce it at the TGS. Now, I know it's very unlikely but why not have some hope and faith? It wouldn't be the first time SE does something unexpected!
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    Quest for Release

    People, why are so many of you so negative about this? Do you not want the game? I think companies really do listen to these kind of things. And just because they haven't announced it yet, really doesn't mean that it's not going to come. Have a little faith!
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    Quest for Release

    Petition signed, email sended. Currently praying...
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    Soul Eater -> Way to Dawn

    We found out that Riku's Keyblade's name is "Way to the Dawn" when examining his item slots after he joined your party. Is that Keyblade a transfigured version of Soul Eater? I designed it with that image. Since Riku has always been using Soul Eater, he still calls it that even after it changed...
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    The Most Important Person to Sora is...

    I think they made Kingdom Hearts so you can make two pairings... Riku and Sora or Kairi and Sora. There isn't ONE pairing the game focuses on... Like, Sora went out to save Kairi and acted all surprised when she hugged him, while Sora really cried when he found Riku... And there are alot of...
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    Ven's Heart in Roxas = Dual Wielding

    This is a theory that I came up because of twilight_dragon. I just finetuned some little things! Long ago, when the Keyblade war raged, Ven was severely hurt by a merciless blizzard spell from the Elder Mage. (I’m NOT going to call him Xehanort, though he may be him, it has not yet been...
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    Passion...But Spanish

    Hm, this sounds pretty good. Though I don't understand one word.... I prefer the Japanese serie but this is still really good.
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    lexeus in CoM manga

    Yeh, though I think that all Org. members, sorry I mean the first six, will get a more significant role in the next game. The first six were servants of Ansem after all so there must be something important about them....
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    Fourth person in Deep Dive?

    This may have been discussed in the past. But remember Deep Dive? Of course you do. I'm sure you remember the fight between Riku and Roxas. And Xemnas standing on the beach... And the person coming out of a rock..... Yeah, the last one I want to focus on. When the guy comes out of the rock, we...
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    Road's End

    At the end of KhCoM (after the credits) there were these beautiful lines: "Fading memories..... Reconstructed memories.... And a dream-- A dream of you.... In a world without you.... Walking this road.... Without you..... To remake forgotten...
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    Deep Dive...Hinting towards new KH game?

    "A world inbetween = A forgotten world The gathering" This message is what came up when you pause the Deep Dive vid when the countdown strikes 9. The gathering is mentioned here.... The KH2 secret ending was also called the gathering.... What could this mean? HEARTLESS "We have come for you...
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    Xehanort's/Xemnas' memories theory + Connection to Terra

    Xehanort, a man who supposedly lost his memories. His Nobody, Xemnas, also has no memories of his previous life; his life as Xehanort (and maybe even the life as one of the Chasers.) Okay guys, here it is: my theory on Xehanort/Xemnas. This hasn't been completely fine-tuned yet but please...
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    Roxas' Heart Continuation Theory

    Hi there, as some of you may know, I have put up 2 theories before. It were:http://forums.khinsider.com/kingdom-hearts-ii-final-mix/83723-roxas-heart-i-finally-understand-i-really-do.html#post2160702 and...
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    Roxas' Heart... I finally understand it! I really do!

    Guys, I kept reading the Ansem's Report over and over and then I though: "Let's read Ansem's Other Report!" I have done this many times but I never completely understood the whole part about Naminé and Roxas' creation. But today, I did! It also explains why Roxas has a heart and why he has such...
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    Roxas' having a heart connects to Xehanort's memories:

    Ven and Aqua are hurt so badly in the fight that they are almost not existing anymore (for a lack of better words) They become the lost two because they’re almost dead. This has been inflicted by Xehanort. The surviving one, Terra, becomes their avenger and hates Xehanort for the fact that he...