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    What difference do command levels make?

    I'm curious, since I still don't understand this part. I understand now how the command board works how IT'S levels work, but I don't understand how the commands themselves in the game work. What is the difference between let's say, fire level 1 and level 3, and then fira. What I'm sort of...
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    Why Ansem SoD and Xemnas are in 3D

    I remember reading something about Ansem SoD being the heartless yet having a body/being a whole self, basically being MX (but his appearance has changed due to whatever reason etc), and Xemnas having a heart and being HIS whole self but being a nobody at the same time o.O basically MX's heart...
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    A sub series?

    Do you guys think that Nomura might sort of make a main game that branches off of KH based on a character other than Sora? I mean like in the recent interview he said that Kingdom Hearts is Sora's story, so what if he made a game that's in the whole KH universe but like a spin off sort of...
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    KH game for the iPad?

    Disney seems to love the iPad... Who knows, maybe this whole mysterious game might actually come out for that, it's one of the only viable handhelds I can think of that they might be able to pull off. Seeing as how Steve Jobs is part of Disney and is the biggest share holder I am pretty sure...
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    [SPOILERS] BBS Secret Boss' Name

    Also if there are any Vanitas sentiments, wouldn't that make Ven still incomplete? Because he fused back with Ven I think when they fought in Ven's head or whatever so unless there was some part of him still left it wouldn't really make sense, plus it would actually cause a plot hole because of...
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    Heartless/Nobody life theory.

    In contrast to the organization coming back in KH3 ect theories. To be honest, their human selves might be back but probably not the way we think, they may actually be back but their whole selves might be in darkness, like literally in the dark realm, to which I might think is the equivalent of...
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    Episode 8 is here!! Summaries and SPOILERS

    Axel has nothing to do with Sora seriously, or else a lot of other random people could have been connected to Sora like the FF characters who were obviously connected to Sora. Also how does Namine manage to know about everything? She is like the godfather or something with her white room like...
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    Episode 8 is here!! Summaries and SPOILERS

    Ok for some reason that really made me LOL in real life xD lol at the namine omnipresent thing, it's sort of disturbing and funny.
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    Petes banishment and escape, plus some awesome ice cream SUBBED

    Re: Petes banishment and Ice cream sub! Nomura is a lier! So Pete was banished because he messed up the ice cream or something? Um, wtf? This is getting trippy.
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    Coded Episode 8 and BBS tie up theory.

    My theory on how Coded will end. The reason Aqua didn't meet Sora and Riku in the RoD was because she actually got into the data version of the dark realm by whatever means, and ended up meeting AtW in this data world, which would explain why Mickey in Coded would want to go to the data world...
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    Naruto and Star Wars...

    Does anybody think that BBS is a weird crossed version of Naruto and Star Wars with just a KH characters? Seriously, Ven is like Naruto, Terra is like Sasuke, Aqua is like Sakura, I don't watch naruto anymore but it just seemed way too uncanny, especially MX wanting Terra's body like Orochimaru...
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    A question about hearts and body.

    Ok so.... A nobody is not born when the heart leaves the body in means other than submitting or being conquered (as opposed to controlling) darkness, right? So why is it that MX and Sora did not produce their own nobodies when releasing their hearts, where did MX body go to if it was not a...
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    This game is not for children anymore

    Don't forget Terra grabbing Aqua by the boob strap or w/e ala Darth Vader > Padme.
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    TAV are Orphans

    Why...why? Sora's mom only had 2 lines in the entire game, why is she so important to everybody?
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    Quick theory on the silver-haired mystery man

    If the bottle Sora received was not a year after KH2 when Aqua and Ansem met, then it could be enough time for Riku to grow his hair thus being a not-so-older older Riku?
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    (Spoilers) Frequently Asked Birth by Sleep Questions

    Re: Frequently Asked Birth by Sleep Questions Errr, how weird...Damn this game is so confusing, now I guess our hopes are on that 1 last episode of Coded, let's hope there is an actual concept video or SOMETHING to lead us into the next direction, KH1 and KH2 (and FM's) all had something out...
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    Official Secret Ending Discussion Thread

    Funny how all the too obvious things always are true, and this not only applies to BBS but to a lot of things in general in life ;o and yet to this day people still fall for the obvious.
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    (Spoilers) Frequently Asked Birth by Sleep Questions

    Re: Frequently Asked Birth by Sleep Questions I don't get it, how do you guys know when the encounter between Aqua and Ansem(? is it even ansem) was? How do you know it was a year (not right after, but a year) KH2? It could have been a cameo symbol thingy just like Namine Xion Axel ect.
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    Question about Nobodies Ven and Kairi.

    If someone loses there heart in whatever means but not to darkness, do they get a nobody? Like how Ven's body is the CoW and Kairi's body in KH1 was wherever Maleficent went but both their hearts were inside sora, does that mean they are Nobodies until they get their hearts back, or what...
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    Aqua's Scenario

    Where is the cutscene of Ven asking to be erased? Where in Aqua and CoW?